TNA: Fortune Is 'They,' but Is It a Dumb or Smart Move?

Ryan FryeSenior Analyst IFebruary 4, 2011

Most thought TNA was screwed when Kevin Nash and Booker T showed up at the WWE's Royal Rumble, including myself.

However, I and many others, were wrong.

On Thursday Night's edition of Impact, Fortune was revealed as "they." The "they" that Kurt Angle and Crimson had been teasing for weeks. Crimson had attacked Abyss, Ric Flair, and even a part of "they," A.J. Styles.

There reasoning was that they are sick of taking a back seat to Immortal. They began TNA and they weren't going to let Hogan and Bishoff run it into the ground, like they did with WCW. 

This move was genius by TNA's creative team. A.J. Styles, Kazarian and Beer Money were starting to seem lost in a bloated stable. Styles' heel turn early last year was a failed move. Styles justs lacks the mic skills and charisma to be a heel. He is much better fit to be a face.

Beer Money as a face tag team will be refreshing to the tag team division. Since Alex Shelley is injured, Beer Money can now feud with Generation Me over the tag team championships. While Kazarian now has a new crop of challengers he can face for his X-Division Championship.

The best thing about the move is that it is a suprise.

Not many were expecting to see Fortune turn on Bishoff and Immortal. And suprises are something that wrestling in general has been severely lacking lately.

As far as the storyline, it makes perfect sense. You've got the "TNA Originals" leading Dixie Carter's charge back into the company. It serves the same purpose as the Main Event Mafia would have: old school TNA versus new school TNA. Except with this move, you are pushing younger stars.  

It also adds another element to the storyline. Ric Flair won't be wrestling for a while, but he'll return to television sooner rather than later. It will be interesting to see if they'll have him side with Fortune, the stable he began or Immortal, the stable he joined forces with after the Bound for Glory pay-per-view.

Do you agree that this was a genius move by TNA or do you think that they should of went in a different direction?