Monday Night Raw, January 31, 2011 (Royal Rumble Thoughts, Included)

Zoe EyvelisseContributor IIFebruary 1, 2011

I haven’t published an article in a while, and after watching tonight’s disappointment of Raw, I felt the need to vent.

Tonight was a disappointment and I will tell you why.

First off, let me say that I did not order the Royal Rumble, although I initially wanted to in the beginning but after reading the results, I’m glad I did not.

First, why is the Miz still champion? Now, I hate the Miz, I hate him as champion and as much as I hate his title reign, the fact that the writers can only give the man one clean win as champion, future delays his credibility. I have never been a fan of his, I do not think he can move in the ring but on the mic, I’ll give him his credit but the fact that he cannot win without help from Alex Riley or some type of cheating just makes true wrestling fans upset. Why? It makes the history of the championship lack prestige.

I’ll say this much though. Even though it was CM Punk that interfered and cost Randy Orton the match, I don’t hate him any less. As much as I love me some RKO, I love CM Punk just as much. He’s the complete package so the fact that he had no real reason to interfere (that we knew of before and during the Royal Rumble), I don’t even care that he did.

Secondly, why is Eve Torres the new Divas champion? I do not hate Eve but she doesn’t exactly tickle my fancy either (see Maryse, Tamina, Melina, Kaitlyn and Natalya). In the ring, she’s not impressive to me but she’s not as bad as Kelly Kelly either so I can deal. What I cannot deal with is that, Natalya’s title reign ended so prematurely and badly. And to add insult to injury, tonight they had her tagging with Eve. Why partner her with the Diva that “stole” her title? I put stole because Eve took advantage of Laycool’s beating down of Natalya and got the pin. Natalya was just starting to blossom from her departing of the Hart Dynasty and she loses the title, what maybe 2 months later? To me, that’s crap and severe fail on the creative writers. This just goes to show that WWE doesn’t care about the Divas roster.

Eve and Natalya versus Laycool could have gone an entire different way. They could have split up Laycool and have them feud with each other because frankly, I’m tired of looking at them together. They make me as sick as hearing Michael Cole’s voice. I think Layla could do well solo and they can do whatever with Michelle, I don’t really care, and it would help out the lacking Divas roster a lot. Not to mention, Awesome Kong needs to debut so she can dominate.

Thirdly, from what I read, John Morrison did excellent in the Royal Rumble as far as his spider-man like move after almost being eliminated. Tonight, was nothing short of. He exhibited reflexes that I can only imagine to do but what does this say about his push? I’ll tell you. John Morrison’s push is gone. The writers amped him up to be some mid-card like John Cena to what, have the guy lose every chance he gets. This may have been expected by anti-Morrison’s but to JoMo fans like me, this is something we won’t see for a long time.

The same goes for Daniel Bryan. Now, this guy being champion is probably one of the few things the creative team did correctly besides bringing him back to the WWE. He can move in the ring and although he may not be too good on the mic, he demands your attention when he’s in the ring (not to mention, his horrific entrance theme makes you listen because you can’t wait until it’s over). But what does the team do with Bryan? They have in intergender tag matches where he’s losing because of the Bella Twins and even worse, he’s losing in singles’ matches because of the Bellas. The fact that they paired him up with Gail Kim, to me, is genius. Now hear me out on this: I know a lot of the IWC are not fans of Kim but the fact that he’s paired with someone that can actually move with him makes his wins predictable now. Not to mention, I’m glad Gail Kim is on TV, even if she’s valeting. But I would like to see him in a feud that leads up to Wrestlemania. After all, the man deserves it in my eyes.

CM Punk and the Nexus, I heard, held it down at the Rumble. Now this is what I would have wanted to see but unfortunately, I was out eating. I know CM Punk put on a good show. I do not even have to order a PPV to see that but I would have liked to see him main-event Wrestlemania for a title. From the looks of tonight’s Raw and yesterday’s Rumble, it looks like it’s going to be Punk versus Orton. This, I do not have a problem because they’re both my favorite at the moment but I doubt it will be the main event and nothing is really on the line so that’s a bummer. By the way, Orton punt kicking Harris was BEAUTIFUL.

Alberto del Rio winning the Royal Rumble and coming on Raw to announce that he’ll be facing Edge at Wrestlemania was boring to me. I’m not looking forward to Edge possibly losing the title but if it’s to Alberto del Rio, I don’t think I’ll mind. And then on top of it, Smackdown’s main event is Edge and Kelly Kelly vs Dolph Ziggler and Laycool for the championship. Now we all know that Edge is going to keep the championship, but where does this leave the Kelly Kelly and McIntyre angle? I was trying to really get into it and not only because I love McIntyre but because it has him and her doing something. But to be honest, I am liking Edge and Kelly Kelly more than I like Drew McIntyre and Kelly Kelly. I won't jump to conclusions though. I shall wait until Friday but I have a feeling that del Rio might interfere on Edge’s behalf so that he can face him at Wrestlemania and if it does happen, I want my credit!

Now can I vent on the “dance off” between Khali and Henry versus the Usos? Please Bleachers, let me vent. What type of crap was that? Does the creative team have nothing better to book besides dance offs? It was probably just a way to keep babyface Henry on TV, get Khali back into the fans’ graces and to further delay the promising career of the Usos. I have been a fan of the Usos since they debuted and since then, the most action they’ve seen is on Superstars (a show that I do not watch). They are jobbing and shouldn’t. Right now, they are the most obvious competition for Kozlov and Santino’s belt. By the way, it makes me throw up in my mouth to say that they’re champions but if it means, I get to see more of Tamina in dresses, I shall deal with it.

Jerry “The King” Lawler wins the Raw Rumble. Once again, The King is not someone I hate but (as much as it sickens me to say this) I agree with Cole: King should remain at the announcer’s table. He is the only reason I do not mute the TV completely once I hear Cole’s voice. I honestly think that Cole’s character is useless. All the ass kissing he does, they might as well trade him with Alex Riley and have him manage the Miz. We all know he wants too, secretly. The King is always reminding us that he’s never got a chance at this and that and I’m sorry to say this but: your time came and went. You’ve been inducted into the Hall of Fame; you had your time so please just hang it up. I have nothing against The King but he really should have just given his spot to Ted DiBiase, Jr. It really could have been DiBiase going to the Elimination Chamber, seriously!?

A Maryse face turn in the works? I hope not. I love her as a heel. That talk to the hand gesture isn’t going to work as a face so she should do what she’s good at.

Another thing I hated was R-Truth eliminating Orton. What type of stuff was that? Of all people to eliminate Orton (had he not been eliminated), why did it has to be R-Truth? He just fails altogether. Draft him to Smackdown or release him.

Overall, Raw completely sucked to me but it wasn’t the worse I’ve seen. I’m just glad Cena wasn’t the guy standing in the end. And, I’m not glad that it was Jerry Lawler either.

Thanks for reading!