WWE Superstars Not Being Treated as Human Beings: An Act I Despise about the IWC

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IDecember 29, 2010

In my previous article, I clearly mentioned that I will be taking a break from writing and wished every body best of luck and success ahead. However, I am afraid that due to a few events which transpired, (which I will speak about in my article now) have pushed me into taking my words back and have propelled me into coming back to write yet another article.

If the dirt sheets are to be believed, WWE Superstar John Cena is apparently injured and might be needing time off. Fellow writer Leva Lies had an article up breaking the news to the Bleacher Report community.

While I had no problems with the articles what so ever, I was depressed and rather unhappy to read the comments made by a few members who, in my opinion showed no respect to the wrestler whatsoever.

So, I took it upon myself to drop my two cents about a few indigestible comments made by the fellow B/R members

Before I start this article, I just want to point to the fact that this article is not written keeping John Cena in mind (who I happen to be a huge fan of); this article is written keeping in mind every single wrestler who in my opinion is not shown the respect he deserves.

Just thought I would make this clear because I did not want to sound like a Cena fan boy for voicing my opinions in here.

Here is a look at the few comments which were really hard for me to digest:

Anonymous said: “I hope Cena NEVER recovers...seriously!”

Another member said: “i hope he blew up his knee!”

Honestly speaking I don’t have problems with people trying to find positive points with him taking some time of how it can help accommodate for new storylines. But I certainly have problems with people “hoping and pleading” to see him gone once and for all. And just for the record, I am not saying this as a Cena mark first, I am saying this as a “human and a wrestling fan first”.

Now, before I move on with my article, I just want to point out the fact, these are just a few live examples I chose to put forth to support my argument.

There are many other examples to prove my point which makes the people’s opinions tough to digest for me.

For instance, it is acceptable to critique The Miz for being WWE Champion, and I can also accept remarks saying that he is not the best option for WWE Championship. But, I can’t stand up for people calling him names and even going on a record to call him a “toad” and an “amphibian”, even though he is the one working day in and day out to achieve his dream.

Same applies for the Hardy Boys. Before I move on I would just like to say that I am no fan of them and neither do I care about them anymore. But! We can’t just negate the fact that at one point of time, they were doing a lot for the WWE and were keeping us fans entertained courtesy of their in-ring work. As a result, I find it tough to stand up for people who are completely calling this useless and are saying they are worthless.

Now onto my article!

For those of you who are of the belief that the remarks passed above are justified, I am afraid that I will have to wholeheartedly disagree with you.

The problem lies in the fact that we are not putting ourselves in their shoes, and as a result, we are free to wish bad things upon them and are absolutely washing out any credibility they deserve for the amount of work they have done for us fans.

For those of you who are of the opinion, I would love for you to put yourself in their shoes, and for a moment, think as to what would happen if the same thing happened with you?

Imagine yourself as a wrestler who worked all his life to achieve his dream and worked day in and day out to entertain your fans and then getting injured only to be spit upon by a few people in the Internet Wrestling Community.

How would it feel to have no return in turn for the countless hours you spent in the ring, at the gym, on the plane…flying, traveling just to ensure that every Monday and Friday night is enjoyable?

We are mostly living in parts of the world where the merciless winters are making a huge impact on our lives leaving snow covered streets, closed schools and offices. We are happily sitting by the fireplace in our homes, trying to fight the winters. But, we have these wrestlers traveling in such weather, all day long just to entertain us, and we can’t even show them some respect?

It is really easy for us fans to sit on our couches and enjoy wrestling with a couple of our near and dear ones with a round of beer and snacks but imagine the condition of the wrestlers…

They are literally put through hell and are forced to ditch all such comforts of life just for you fans.

Don’t get me wrong, wrestling is their job, and they are supposed to do what their boss says, but we can’t deny the fact that the WWE goes out of its way to put smiles on people’s faces.

When most of you people sat at home enjoying the DVR’ed telecast of Tribute to the Troops, these wrestlers traveled just to put smiles on someone else’s faces.

While all the members in the IWC sat in a cozy place trying to update themselves with the latest happenings in the world of wrestling, these wrestlers were traveling, leaving their near and dear ones for days just for the sake of us fans.

And what do we do? Nothing! We sit and enjoy every bit of wrestling to come out of television and showed them no respect whatsoever even though they deserved it.

This is just part of the work these wrestlers do when they are employed with the WWE, and many might not know this but the activities done before being an actual wrestler are far more painful than the activities done while you are employed.

We only see the chiseled up, able-bodied human beings in the ring but think about all the stuff they do before they actually reach their goal of being a WWE employee one day.

Think about the countless hours of training and practice which goes into perfecting your skill just so you can start working for the Indy’s or the various other promotions before being called up onto the main stage.

My very good friend and fellow writer i.e. Jacob Waring once told me how, one of his friends broke his ankle while practicing in a wrestling school and was forced to deal with tons of pain.

A fellow writer of this site and my friend, whose name I chose to keep in anonymity told me how he was a hard-working wrestler in his high school days, and one injury prevented him from accomplishing his dream. So much hard work which went into all of this, was later of no use. 

Put yourself in my friends shoes and think for a moment, if such a thing were to happen to you and people were praying that you never get well, then how bad would it feel!

Back in the day, Edge and Christian shot a video posted on YouTube in which they spoke about how they had to live in extremely cold places just to appear for wrestling matches in front of the various selectors. They spoke about how they were given a thin blanket to fight the merciless winters, and they all had to finally sleep together while joining hands just so they could prevent from fainiting.

Yes! This is how tough being a pro wrestler is.

Think about the countless hours spent in the gym which enabled them to get the desired frame. Most of us who spend time in the gym know how tough it is to both get a physique these wrestlers have and how much tougher it is to maintain it for a long time.

While we guys spend a free lifestyle, these guys have to live in a health conscious environment, where they can't allow any amount of extra fats to accumulate in their bodies.

Such activities require nothing but hours of hard work that are not easy.

And after all this, if we can’t show our respect to the wrestlers who are actually employers to a business, then I am afraid we have to mend our ways.

But guess what? I am saying this only as an outsider and only quoting things I have heard from those who actually have been through all of this. Think about the extra work these guys put in getting nothing but to have fans hoping and praying for you to never make it back.

I am not saying that it applies everywhere. Some extreme cases sure exist, but until and unless the wrestler has done a horrific deed, we can't wish bad things upon them.

Such a thing can even apply to none other than Hulk Hogan, many including myself have blamed him for ruining TNA, but we can't dismiss him as a "nobody." The truth is Hogan made pro wrestling and took it to new horizons due to his larger-than-life character.

And then, we have John Cena! My inspiration for this piece who does more work than any single wrestler in the WWE. For those of you who don't agree, check out his Experience DVD and see for yourself the busy schedule he has to go through just to provide entertainment to us fans.

Now! Tell me this, does he deserve no solace at all from the fans after doing all of this? Does he deserve nothing but a bunch of a people wishing for him to tear his knees and ligaments off really bad? I am afraid he doesn't.

Not only this, but put your favorite in his position and see if you can wish the same upon him. At the end of the day, all the wrestlers are human beings, and each and every single one of them has worked all his life to get where he wants to. None of them deserve to be mistreated the way some fans are treating him.

I can't stand guys like The Great Khali or David Otunga, but this does not mean that I will hope that they are met with injuries which end their careers. That would be wrong in my opinion.

I am not saying that we have to like all the wrestlers, liking/disliking is our personal choice, but not showing any respect is uncalled for.

Are such activities mature or ones which you can stand up for? I don’t know about the rest, but I, for one, can’t, and I am willing to bet that the person who disagrees is either not respecting them enough or has great reasons to back his point up.

I will leave the podium for you fans now to tell me if these wrestlers need to be treated as humans or not.

As far as I go, I will happily have myself called any names you want to, but I will continue to treat the wrestlers as human beings because the truth is...They Are Humans After All!

Here's hoping that John Cena is fit and fine as soon as possible and is back in time for Wrestlemania to give the Cenation, and all his fans around the world what they want i.e. him being healthy and ready to battle it out in the center of the ring.

I just want to add the fact, that is Just My Opinion and take on things and people are free to disagree with it, but I would prefer proper reasoning for it as well.

I will leave again, and say this time, I will be a man of my word and take a break from writing, unless of course I am made to deal with such acts which I can't stand for. Either way, my best wishes for you for the year ahead.

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