15 Best Submissions Of All The Times

Von PaxtonContributor IIIDecember 19, 2010

15 Best Submissions Of All The Times

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    So I recently wrote a list of 10 worst finishers of All the Times (which you can see here: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/545309-10-worst-finishers-of-all-the-times ) and it turned out to be a pretty polarizing article. Either people said it was a good list or they told me I'm a big dummy for including or failing to include some moves. Well I decided I wanted to pen another article about pro wrestling moves but instead of worst, how bout the 15 best submissions? Now, I realize there are going to be people who don't agree with my list and that's cool, I just ask that you keep it classy when you comment. I'm sure I will forget a few so remind me of some I missed. Thanks for reading. Make sure to keep it real. 

Number 15: The Camel Clutch- Iron Sheik

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    Popularized by the Sheik of Iron, the camel clutch was created by Gory Guerrero in Mexico where it was called "la de a caballo" (Horse-mounting choke). This move is also being currently done by the Big Show where he calls it the "Colossal Clutch." 

    Looks super uncomfortable not to mention if you are put in this move, your options seem limited. Iron Sheik's power for this move is derived from his ridiculous mustache. And everyone knows his 'stache is made from the tears of lesser Sheiks...

Number 14: Dragon Sleeper- Ultimo Dragon/Various

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    This one is pretty sweet. I read somewhere that Ultimo Dragon popularized this move...he did? Here is a video of Jamie Noble applying this when he was on a straight up tear! Thats a joke...

Number 13: Brock Lock- Brock Lesnar

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    This one sucks. And by that I mean it would really suck to be put in this. This is an Argentine Lock which is a variation of the Boston Crab. What can you do if you are put in this? I know what I would do...weep 

Number 12: Gory Special- The Guerrero's

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    With this move, you really have no where to go. Here's another move created by Gory Guerrero, variations have been used by Chavo and Eddie. Watch this video as a weird guy in a mask applies this move to a weird guy without a mask.

Number 11: Tarantula- Tajiri/Tara(Victoria)

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    This move is a Rope Hung Boston Crab. While its really cool and innovative, it most likely wont make anyone tap out because of a rope-break. Still, its pretty awesome. 

Number 10: Walls Of Jericho/Lion Tamer- Chris Jericho

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    This move has been done by many wrestlers as its simply an elevated Boston Crab. But its most popular with Corazón de León aka Chris Jericho. Sometimes Jericho does it with a knee in the opponents back. There are numerous variations including some moves already mentioned. 

Number 9: Texas Cloverleaf- Dean Malenko

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    This move was created by Dory Funk Jr. but is most closely associated with Dean Malenko. This video features Dean in his more chivalric days. The move is also done by Christian and was occasionally used by Eddie Guerrero.   

Number 8: Crossface Chickenwing- Bob Backlund

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    Bob Backlund popularized this unpleasant maneuver and can be seen here applying the move to the British Bulldog

Number 7: Anaconda Vice- CM Punk/Hiroyoshi Tenzan

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    This move was popularized by CM Punk and Hiroyoshi Tenzan. CM Punk has been known to kiss his opponents forehead to make them tap sooner... thats a lie

Number 6: STFU- John/Juan Cena

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    What are your options here? You could do what most people do when this is applied...tap out. This move was innovated by Masahiro Chono and is a modified Step-over Toehold Facelock (STF) known as Step-over Toehold Sleeper (STS) which Cena calls the STF-U.

    For all of those who read my Worst moves list, and called me a Cena hater, how's this taste? Yea that's right, drink it in. Although, you'll probably still complain that it isn't higher on the list. 

Number 5: Crossface- Chris Benoit

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    This move sucks too because you're getting your face pushed in while your neck is getting pushed backward. Popularized by Chris Benoit which he called the "Crippler Crossface" many men have submitted to this move. WWE superstars continue to submit to Daniel Bryan who does a variant of this move called the Omoplata Crossface. 

Number 4: Tazzmission- Taz

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    This move was popularized by Taz and is a half-nelson choke with an added body scissors. One of my personal favorites. Not much you can do once this is locked in. 

Number 3: Figure Four Leglock- Ric Flair

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    One of the most famous submission holds. Utilized by the "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers, Greg Valentine, Jack Brisco, Shawn Michaels (variation of the move), Carlos Colon Sr. and of course, Ric Flair. 

Number 2: SharpShooter- Sting/Bret Hart

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    One of the most famous submission moves and one of the things Bret "The Hitman" Hart is known for. Riki Choshu is given credit for inventing this move by some. Also done by Sting who calls it the "Scorpion Deathlock" and has been doing the move since the '80s, before Bret Hart learned it. Bret Hart was taught the Sharpshooter by Konnan. 

Number 1: Hell's Gate/Gogoplata- Undertaker

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    This is just straight-up nasty. You want to take on 'Taker? You get a shin in your throat for your troubles. The first successful Gogoplata was done by Mixed Martial Artist Shinya Aoki. The Undertaker, an avid MMA fan, began using this move in 2008 which made his opponents spit up blood. The Undertaker was banned from using this move by then Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero. It became legal once again in 2009. There is also a variation known as the Locoplata where the one locking in the maneuver uses his foot to apply more pressure. I know I already said it but....this is straight-up nasty.  

Not Wrestling, Still Nasty.

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    Here's a video of a really sick submission but its not Rasslin'....

    Well thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed this list at least a little bit. If not...sorry. Comments welcome and appreciated. Keep it real. bye bye