Let's Get It in Redskins: I BELIEVE IN JIM ZORN!

James TurnerCorrespondent ISeptember 4, 2008

It's finally here. The season has finally started. Well, in three hours the season has started. I've never anticipated an opening game like I do with this one. I waited 'til three hours before opening to write my first NFL article.

Now, to the topic at hand. I'm going to come straight out and say this. I can see Jim Zorn bringing a Super Bowl back to Washington. Maybe not this year...actually I'm sure not this year.

But give this man some time. Jim Zorn is a man who knows football. He has never been a head coach before, but he does have one thing that not too many coaches have: the trust and belief of all of his players.

Now, you may think that all players have to respect their coach and believe in them. That's not entirely true. Just look at what's been going on in Cincinnati with those Bengals.

Chad Johnson (a.k.a. Ocho Cinco) has been stirring the pot up there for a while. That organization has had more players with felony acts than any team in the last 10 years, possibly ever. Now, they may respect Marvin Lewis as a head coach, but that doesn't mean that they truly trust in his work.

If they did, they would have more respect than they do now, and Ocho Cinco would have shut his damn mouth.

Jim Zorn has the trust of not only his players and coaches, he also has the trust of the owner, Daniel Snyder. I actually give A LOT of credit to Daniel Snyder in making this decision.

There are a few reasons why I liked this decision.

For one, it shows Snyder's growth as the owner of the Redskins. When he first came into the NFL, he was all about the money and bringing in high-priced players. At first, I despised Snyder as the owner because I felt he was bringing this Redskins organization down.

But over the last four years, Snyder hasn't been the same arrogant, snobbish, money-spending man he once was. Now he's making smarter decisions with his money and his staffing.

He brought in Steve Spurrier and Marty Schottenheimer as head coaches, only to flop with them. He should have given Marty one more year. He did get us from an 0-5 start to a 8-8 finish. That's quite impressive for a guy who didn't have much to work with and went through four QBs that year.

Snyder, before those hirings, released Norv Turner with four games left in the season, and we still had a shot to make the playoffs. What kind of dumb move is that. Let the man who struggled for nine years as the head coach, and finally brought us to the postseason a year before—where we were one play away from the NFC Championship game—finish off the season. If he didn't get us there, then fire him.

Daniel Snyder was a rich owner who didn't know a damn thing about football.

Then, who comes in and brings some common sense to Snyder and the whole Redskins organization? None other than the greatest man to grace the Redskins' organization, Joe Gibbs. Whom I give the most credit to for the position the Redskins are in now.

He brought in this team and brought in his faith and wisdom of not only the game of football, but also in the game of life. With all that time Snyder and Gibbs spent together, you think some of Gibbs, if not all, didn't rub off on Daniel Snyder?

I mean, how can you explain this year's offseason? We did not make any serious moves in the free-agent pool or make any big trades—Jason Taylor did come late in the offseason—and stuck to the team we had. Then, we added to the roster. This is a postseason move that I haven't seen the Redskins do since the Super Bowl era.

How can you explain the hiring of Jim Zorn, an unproven head coach? And Snyder, out of ALL people, trusts this man who has no head-coaching experience and puts the whole organization in this young man's hands.

That is nothing but the work of Gibbs, who is still the Redskins' advisor. Snyder made the call, but Gibbs' effect on him can help Snyder understand more of why he made that decision.

All I'm saying is that Jim Zorn is going to take his bumps and bruises this season. As a diehard Redskins fan, I'm going to be the man to admit the truth. But the thing about Jim Zorn that I've noticed, which is something not many other coaches have, besides Dungy, McCarthy, and Belichick, is that vision.

Most coaches start off with serious visions of what they want. They try their best to get their team to their level of vision. Some coaches' visions aren't good enough. Most can do it, but they just don't have the right frame of mind or the right money to get there.

Then, there are those few like Dungy, Belichick, even Billick, who have the mindset and the EDGE—who is my favorite wrestler BTW—to get their team to the promised land and bring home a Super Bowl.

Jim Zorn has that edge. He's putting together an already-establish team, and he's working on what it takes to make them perfect. He's looking deep into each player, especially the QBs, and he's working on their weaknesses and showing them how to better themselves at their position.

He also is making everyone in the organization, as well as the diehard fans, believe that, with patience and time, he will bring us back a Super Bowl. And what makes Jim Zorn ahead of his time as a head coach is the fact that he's always willing to learn.

You see, in life, there's always room for growth, no matter what profession you're doing. I'm a stand-up comedian, actor, singer, and director. As good as I am, and as great as I will be seven years from now, I know that I'm going to get better, and I'm always willing to learn from the more experience ones.

That's what Zorn brings. He brings the willingness to listen and to learn. He keeps learning until he finally understands himself as a head coach and as a man. He's ready to take this next step.

All I have to say is that the NFC East is the hardest division in football. Put these four teams against any other division, and they are knocking every team out of the water. How else can you explain the last two years, where three teams out of the NFC East made the postseason.

That means only the winners of the other three divisions will get in while the others watch. Now, if Jim Zorn was to somehow finish first, or even second in his first season as a head coach, that will make a hell of a statement to the rest of the coaches and players in the NFL.

That statement will be....ALL HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!

Rest in peace No. 21, Sean Taylor. With you and LaRon Landry in the defensive backfield, no team in the league would have been able to consistently throw downfield. That would be like cheating in the NFL.

24-years old, with the potential to win a few defensive players of the year. You were growing as a player, a teammate, a man, and more importantly, a father. I miss you, as do many others. We know you're watching down on us. God Bless Mr. Taylor.

Simple JT signing off.