Quarterback Controversy in Cleveland: Colt McCoy or Jake Delhomme?

Joe HunleyContributor IDecember 1, 2010

Cleveland Browns Rookie QB Colt McCoy
Cleveland Browns Rookie QB Colt McCoyMatt Sullivan/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns started the year with a plan. Jake Delhomme, the seasoned veteran would be the starting quarterback, Seneca Wallace would have the backup role and young Colt McCoy would hold the clipboard. Well, things have changed.

Jake Delhomme became victim to a high ankle sprain, giving Seneca Wallace the chance to start and show the coaches and fans that he has the potential to be more than just a backup.

After a few games, Wallace joined Delhomme riding the pine with, yes, a high ankle sprain. Change of plans.

Enter the rookie, Colt McCoy.

Colt McCoy entered the game plan at the worst possible time, facing the toughest part of the Browns schedule. The stage was set, the Steelers, Saints, Patriots and the Jets would destroy the young rookie.

The rookie would quickly silence the critics. McCoy showed poise, determination, accuracy and, above all, a thirst for winning. The Browns seemed to have faith in their young quarterback and he showed a command in the huddle, not usually seen in a rookie. McCoy would lead his team to victories over the Saints and Patriots, going 2 wins and 3 losses, before, you guessed it, the dreaded ankle sprain.

By this time, the starting quarterback, Jake Delhomme, would be healed and would face the Carolina Panthers, a team with a record of 1 win and 9 losses. It was not a pretty outing for the Browns, who were favored to win easily. Delhomme threw a couple costly interceptions and, at times, played more like a rookie than a seasoned veteran. This would bring scrutiny from Browns head coach Eric Mangini.

Eric Mangini, usually tight lipped when asked about which quarterback will be starting the next game, was a little more vocal this time around. "I want to see where Colt (McCoy) is," Mangini said. "Jake did a lot of good things in the game and, obviously, the one thing that we can't have is turnovers. That's not a secret, he knows that and that's what we need offensively. So that has to be eliminated for us to move forward."

The fact that Mangini wants to see where McCoy is, along with the coaches distaste for turnovers, does not bode well for Delhomme.

McCoy has proven, for the time being, that he can be productive on the field. He has also proven that he is capable of being the leader of this offense, which due to the quarterback carousel in Cleveland over the last few years has crippled this team.

There is no quarterback controversy in Cleveland.

Is Colt McCoy the future quarterback of the Cleveland Browns?

Of course not. He is the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns and Mangini may agree with me.

"I want to see where Colt (McCoy) is."