Oakland Raiders Have Issues That Are in Dire Need of Resolution

FL Raider GirlAnalyst IAugust 24, 2008

As a devout Raider fan, I am gonna take a different stab at this. Instead of being overly optimistic, I'm gonna be super picky!

Lane Kiffin said it himself at halftime during the Cards game last night. Our defense is ready, but our offense is embarrassing.

With that said, I would like to point out areas that really need some help and fast.

If the Raiders play a team that has a shutdown run defense, we are in serious trouble. JaMarcus needs a better WR corps. That is such a waste of QB talent in my opinion. Well, I started off with the most obvious issues.

Next, our suspect run defense. It was good the first half of the Cards game, but fell apart, even with most of our first-team defense still in. There looks to be a lot of confusion during the run.

And someone please tell me why Rob Ryan doesn't blitz. What is the rationale of his thinking? If you don't pressure the QB, then they will be successful, period.

Where is Russell's pass protection? JaMarcus was running for his life 75 percent of the game last night. That's ridiculous. Cooper Carlisle seemed to be "not there" last night. Three or four times, I watched as he ran around with his head up his ass.

Now, with the season-ending injury of Drew Carter, we're down one on our already thin WR corps. So actually, with what I saw last night, we might be in some trouble.

Hopefully, the play calling that Kiffin was putting out was meant to put them in situations that were difficult. That's my only hope at this point, but I am not sure.

I'll be happy with seven wins this year. That is to be compared to my prediction of nine before preseason. I still can't wait for my trip out to Oakland in September. Hopefully they pull out a win against Denver. I think we can win some games with our rushing attack alone, but we'll see.