TNA Has Been Turned Upside Down On It's Ear. Dixie Carter Railroaded.

lee raydeanCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2010

Hey fans, hope all is well with all of you. I don't usually come on here and write about , TNA Wrestling, but, after watching the show last night, I changed my mind, and decided to do so.

Well, here we go. From what I hear, on TNA's, biggest PPV event, Bound To Glory, all hell broke loose.

There was back stabbing, lies, careful planning, by, the people, that Dixie Carter, trusted the most. The call themselves, The Inmortals.

This group consists of, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, WWE ex superstar Jeff Hardy and Fortune(team leader is Ric Flair.)

At Bound For Glory, President of TNA, Dixie Carter, got screwed out of hers and Jarrett's company.

When Dixie brought Hogan into the company, she had no idea, what laid ahead. Bischoff came on board as well.

Dixie promised that things were going to take off and because, Hogan was now on TNA, their ratings were going to climb. It never happened. They don't have the pull that the WWE has.

Of course, they tried different things to make the show more appealing to wrestling fans. Jeff Jarrett left for a while, and things went downhill.

Somoa Joe, Sting, Big Kev, Motor Machine Guns, Kurt Angle, and even, Mr. Anderson(Mr. Kennedy), tried to revive TNA with no luck.

Behind Dixie Carter's back, a plan was beginning to take shape. Hogan and Bischoff, Ric Flair( I don't understand why Flair even is still wrestling), wanted TNA, to be their company.

They let RVD become champion, only to let Abyss, cut him up. In the meantime, the title was taken from him.

Flair, became AJ Stiles's manager.  AJ became the all time badass. He did a complete, 360. He's been that way ever since.

Fortune was formed and seem to be a force to be reckoned with. Seems to me, I've seen this before on WWE with Nexus. What a coincidence.

And I saw Evolution(Flair was in there too), NWO with Hogan, and they started in WWE. TNA is trying to be the WWE . Some ex superstars, went from WWE to TNA.

Mickie James is now there, along with Tara(Victoria) RVD, Jeff Hardy, Tommy Dreamer, Shannon Moore, Kurt Angle, the list goes on.

Therefore, TNA thinks that, since they have some of WWE's ex superstars, that makes them the better brand of wrestling. Nothing could be further  from the truth.

Now , after all is said and done, Dixie Carter, is now, without a company. Her money was good enough at the time, when TNA, was near distinction.

Jarrett says that she took the company from him, but he has it back now, under false pretenses. Dixie's lawyer, sent a contract for her to sign. Hogan and Bischoff, interceded, and had a different contract drawn up.

Dixie, the woman that trusted everyone, signed the contract that was drawn up by, Hogan and Bischoff, not by her lawyer. Dixie was none the wiser.

That paper that she signed, was, a contract stating, that she gave up the company to Bischoff and Hogan.

Where does that leave Dixie? Out in the cold. She tried to confront the evil doers but, they laughed in her face. They are rejects from the funny farm.

Is there any hope for TNA? How far will Hogan and Bischoff go to keep this company.? And who is going to walk out and who is going to stay?

Flair needs to retire before he has a heart attack or stroke from yelling so much. Hogan should just stick with the Rent-A-Center commercials. Bischoff needs to go to a stranded island and stay there.

That's all there is for now fans!