The Now Tarnished Legacy of Extreme Championship Wrestling.

ReDevilContributor IIIOctober 1, 2010

****If you are a ECW fan then do not read any further.****

Extreme Championship Wrestling. Now I'll be very honest here, every time I typed ECW's full company name, at first I instinctively always wrote "Extremely....." well, if you have listened to King's commentary about ECW then you know what's coming next.  ECW was a great company I'll give it that.

Even though I don't like what ECW stood for it did contribute to the evolution of wrestling. It was the ground where many wrestlers like Benoit, Guerrero, Jericho, Malenko, Mysterio wrestled before going to WCW. ECW just gave them the attention they needed to go to the big companies like WCW, where their careers were launched. ECW contributed to the Attitude Era which is considered the greatest period of wrestling by many and ECW had somewhat of a big hand in that.

So why was ECW so successful?

One name: Paul Heyman. If anybody else was running ECW, ECW would just be another defunct wrestling company. Paul Heyman made the never-been, bingo hall legend Sandman into a superstar and there are many other no talent guys that Paul Heyman helped become wrestlers.

Paul Heyman helped revive the career of the great Terry Funk and also helped Mick Foley. There were only about 5-10 percent of guys that were credible in ECW but Paul Heyman made the entire roster look credible. So the bottom line is that most of the guys would be working their current jobs at Wal-Mart a long, long time ago if it wasn't for Heyman.

Now people might say those guys put their bodies on the line and hit each other with Singapore canes and steel chairs, then burned each other. All they did was make wrestling more dangerous for other wrestlers. Fans expected wrestlers to crash and burn, literally.

Wrestlers may come as a video game character but they're not built like that for real. What WWF was doing with the TLC matches and Hell In A Cell these guys were doing every time they went out there. Sure it looks great and the fans go "Holy S*it" but every night? Most of the wrestler's careers are short as it is and with the fans expecting stuff like that it sure as hell doesn't help the wrestler go for a very long time. So taking all that into account, IMO, ECW did contribute some good things to wrestling but they also contributed just as much bad things to the wrestling business.

Now lets fast-forward to the current status of ECW which is living as a sycophantic, delinquent tapeworm in TNA.

I don't watch TNA that much but Tommy was crying and *itching and moaning about all his friend's lives being ruined. Here's the thing bingo hall boy, that's wrestling deal with it. You and your buddies could never draw a dime at this moment and that's the bottom line and when you did draw money it was only a dime. I agree that the WWE has a lot of under-rated talent but Tommy doesn't fall in that group. Now I sort of liked Tommy when he was in the WWE, but after he went to TNA where he thinks that he and his buddies will finally get their time to shine Goodness Lord.

WWE has already tarnished the legacy of ECW and these guys are not helping to "revive" the legacy of ECW. So many people have stopped talking about WCW which was bigger and, dare I say, better than ECW, but these guys just don't give up. Tommy and the rest of y'all bingo hall boys, please, please for the love of God, retire for good. You all suck so it's as simple as that and if Paul Heyman somehow ran TNA I can guarantee you the first thing he'd do is fire all your a$$es. Stop tarnishing the legacy of ECW even more and just move on to better things.