NXT'S, Beauty and The Beast, Kaitlyn Vs Vickie . Watch Out For Laycool

lee raydeanCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2010

As the third season of NXT, was taping another episode in Indianopolis, Vickie Guerrero and her Rookie, Kaitlyn, were going at it again.

I watched the show in anticipation, just waiting for the moment when, Kaitlyn would smack Vickie. Tension was building. I wanted to see them scrap.

On Smackdown last week, Vickie's boyfriend and IC, Dolph Ziggler, was thrown out of the ring, during a match with MVP, and Kaitlyn tried to help him up off the floor.

Vickie got mad and jealous and started yelling at, Kaitlyn. She was right in her Rookie's face. Vickie pushed her and Kaitlyn came right back, gave Vickie, a taste of her own medicine.

The week before, Laycool teamed with Kaitlyn, and took on Naomi, Kelly Kelly, and Jamie. Long story short, Kaitlyn was a bit too slow on the pin and got beat.

Vickie and Laycool, screamed at her for losing the match. Michelle McCool, ened up getting herself pushed into the ropes. Of course, with double teaming, Laycool laid Kaitlyn out.

This brings us to last night's episode. When the divas were introduced, Vickie was clapping and all smiles. I thought, all was forgotten. The divas went through with their routines.

First, they had a wheelbarrow race. Hornswoggle was chosen to sit in the wheelbarrow while the divas took turns, running around the outside of the ring. Kaitlyn won that.

Then after about 20 commercials, the divas were in the ring to do, Diss a Diva. A.J won that challenge. She was no sooner declared the winner, when Vickie jumped off her stool, yelling "excuse me"!

It was a shrieking excuse me. Vickie was in the ring, getting into Kaitlyn's face, yet again. Why, just because she didn't win the diss off?

Then, as the arguement continued, Vickie was getting louder. Kaitlyn, cut her off and challenged Vickie to a match. At first, Vickie asked her,"do you know who I am? I am Vickie Guerrero".

Kaitlyn looked and acted like she could care less. That's when Vickie brought back her hand and slapped her Rookie. Kaitlyn was stunned but, after the initial shock, Kaitlyn went beserk on Vickie.

Soon Guerrero was on the mat, in front  of the WWE Universe, getting her butt kicked. None of the other divas interfered. Matt Striker tried, but backed off.

Now it was Vickie's turn to be on top. I could not believe, that Vickie Guerrero, could actually wale on someone like she did on Kaitlyn.

This is war. There is more animosity now, between these two, than there was before. We will see Guerrero and Kaitlyn, in a match, one on one.

Do we honestly think, for one damned minute, that Vickie, will do this one on one? No way, she will need help' Who will she ask for that help? There's only two evil witches, that I can think of. Laycool.

It's a done deal. And you can bet your sweet a**, Vickie will change the rules of the match. It happens all the time. She is going to need an edge going into the match.

Anything is possible and, usually is, when Guerrero is around. This will not be a fair match by far. Kaitlyn may act like she is slow, a little whacky, but, I think she'll get it together.

She plays dumb, but she's just playing the part. Good luck Vickie, you're going to need it.