Fantasy Football Tips: Bye Week Strategy, What to Do with Dolphin QB Chad Henne?

Matt WagnerCorrespondent IISeptember 29, 2010

Eddie Royal should be one of your players to watch this fantasy season.
Eddie Royal should be one of your players to watch this fantasy season.Jamie Squire/Getty Images

With Week 3 of the 2010 NFL and fantasy football seasons now in the books, two important issues should come to mind for fantasy team owners: bye week strategy and what to do with Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne. Well, I will help all fantasy owners with these two predicaments so continue reading for the answers.


Bye Week Strategy

As a result of Week 4 of the NFL season being right around the corner, all fantasy owners now have to deal with bye weeks. Even with some star players out because of bye weeks (Romo, Shiancoe, Harvin), you can still win your matchup this week if you do the following.

Your number one priority when dealing with bye weeks should be to garner as much depth as possible, particularly at the running back and wide receiver positions. One RB and WR you should watch closely are Packers RB John Kuhn and Broncos WR Eddie Royal.

On Monday against the Chicago Bears, Kuhn took full advantage of a Brandon Jackson disappointment by garnering almost as many carries as Jackson (six to Jackson's seven) and gained five fantasy points* on 31 yards. But the bread and butter with Kuhn is short running touchdowns. Kuhn already has one trip to the end zone in limited action but on Monday, Kuhn was getting many red zone carries which could pay dividends for your fantasy team this season.

Royal, on the other hand, has lived up to his reputation of exploding in spurts, but QB Kyle Orton is targeting Royal on a more consistent basis, which should lead to Royal getting decent fantasy points week-in and week-out and you should definitely consider acquiring Royal this week if possible.


What to Do with Chad Henne

This portion of my article concerns all Henne owners as if you do not have Henne, then the obvious would be either if Henne is on waivers to acquire him or attempt to trade for him if he is on another team's roster.

Now, assuming you have Henne on your roster, you have a much harder conundrum to solve. Henne scored 20 ESPN fantasy points against the New York Jets on Sunday, which, on the surface looks excellent, but if you dig deeper, the 20-point performance looks like a possible smokescreen.

Despite Henne's performance, most of those targets went to star wide receiver Brandon Marshall as he garnered 10 receptions for 166 yards and one touchdown. However, there was one key factor missing from the Jets defense: two-time Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Revis was out on Sunday as a result of a hamstring injury, but New York surely would have assigned Revis to cover Marshall had he been able to play, which would have diminished both Marshall's and Henne's stats dramatically.

If you combine that with a murderer's row of a schedule for a quarterback (next five games: NE, @GB, PIT, @CIN, @BAL), then you have yourself the potential for a fantasy football disaster. Notice that I wrote potential in bold.

Henne could still post decent fantasy numbers throughout the season, although it would be highly unlikely when you consider Miami's schedule and that most teams will consider Marshall as their number one priority on defense.

So now you are probably asking yourself, "Where is he going with this?" 

Well, the majority of fantasy football team owners consider the idea of having a young and reliable QB appealing to them, thereby increasing Henne's trade value. Therefore, I suggest using Henne as trade bait.

Even if you have Henne as your starter (which if you do, you have some major explaining to do) you could still get a major upgrade at quarterback or you could get solid depth in return if you trade Henne such as Oakland TE Zach Miller, Pittsburgh WR Mike Wallace, and New York Jets RB LaDainian Tomlinson just to name a few.

Writer's Note: To all people participating in a fantasy sport, I would like to say, good luck this season.

*All fantasy points are based off of fantasy football's standard scoring system.