1. #Jaguars Simulators Like Henne Better Than Bortles - Find out about the Jaguars postseason odds when backup... http://t.co/vu7Ydwn1KF

  2. Chad Henne now in the game at QB. #JAXvsNYG coverage: http://t.co/Dxo6ABzDnT

  3. #Giants win a key challenge as a Chad Henne incomplete pass has been overturned and ruled a fumble! Giants ball on the Jaguars 30. #JAXvsNYG

  4. HALFTIME: #Jaguars havent trailed against the #Giants yet despite Chad Henne playing most of the second quarter. http://t.co/O9EnmfyANA

  5. If I'm Gus Bradley I've seen enough of the first-team offense. Henne time if they get the ball back. #Jaguars

  6. Henne getting greased up on sidelines so that's probably it for Bortles.

  7. Jaguars backup QB CHad Henne getting warmed up on sideline, so Blake Bortles is done for the night

  8. Chad Henne interception.

  9. Chad Henne with the ball at the goal line and he gives up an abysmal fumble.

  10. #Jaguars now have four players 30 or older: Clemons (33), Lewis (31), Poz (30) and Henne (30). They have 51 players 25 or under.

  11. Jaguars QB on 53: Blake Bortles, Chad Henne.

  12. With no QB on prax squad, Chad Henne serving as scout team QB this week in practice. #Jaguars

  13. Chad Henne, Kevin Kolb and Colt McCoy were backup winners vs #Patriots

  14. Would you rather the #Texans face Blake Bortles or Chad Henne on Sunday? #TTTQ

  15. "Hey Dave, this is Mike the Jets GM -- I've run out of QBs and I'm not calling Tebow. Will give you a second-round pick for Henne."

  16. *prays we get Henne doing his best Drew Stanton on TNF*

  17. Henne warming up.

  18. Bortles in locker room. Henne warming up.

  19. Chad Henne has shaved his mustache. #Endofanera

  20. Chad Henne unleashes EPIC handlebar mustache on national TV! https://t.co/Q2zIQ10Z99 https://t.co/XwNIbTKSUo

  21. Bortles looks to be OK. But Chad Henne and his stache are always ready. https://t.co/v08CDkwTfp

  22. Chad Henne told me he planned to die the handlebar mustache Hulk Hogan blonde for the game. Not sure what made him change his mind. Bummer.

  23. Chad Henne will win this game. Mark my words https://t.co/MAW6uOwfNp

  24. How can you not root for Chad Henne and that stache?

  25. Chad Henne warming up with Blake Bortles in the locker room apparently. #Jaguars

  26. Jaguars backup QB CHad Henne loosening up, so maybe Blake Bortles is hurt

  27. Blake Bortles is already fourth on the Jaguars' all-time TD pass list (28). He is one ahead of Chad Henne and 23... https://t.co/QaZMLIZUKQ

  28. I realize that. They never saw anything wrong with Chad Henne either until they saw an alternative. https://t.co/zQdPXjfM2y

  29. Saw it with Chad Henne for years. Then when they saw an alternative they realized he was trash FiNALLY. https://t.co/D2KBo443JF