TNA's Tara Has Cancer Scare, Reassures Fans That She Is Okay

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistSeptember 27, 2010

Tara posted a blog recently that went into detail about a recent trip to the doctor.

Tara noticed a bump on her thigh so she went to the doctor to see what it could be. It was apparently nothing, but the doctor noticed a mole and decided to check it.

The mole came back as a form of carcinoma, the most common form of skin cancer. The doctor had cut most of it off to test it, and Tara will go back in to have the rest removed.

She is in high spirits since it could have been much worse. Tara said that when she lived in Southern California that she would tan in the sun for hours, and today she still tans inside.

This kind of cancer has been easy to treat for years, so Tara is one of the lucky ones to have such a treatable form of the disease.

Tara told fans not to worry saying, "I feel better than ever, I will be 100 percent next week, so don't bother with the well wishes. I am grateful it was caught early, and if you want to do something for me, check that link, and make sure you guys are healthy too."

Tara also made some comments about what she plans on doing in the coming weeks.

"So what I am going to do until they remove the rest? I'm going to face Angelina Love (the PWI No. 2 wrestler) at TNA live events on the East Coast this weekend, and I'm going to hit her so hard, it'll knock the herpes off her tongue (disclaimer: I don't know that Angelina Love has herpes, but if herpes had a smell, it would smell like her breath)."

I have to say that I had a good laugh after reading her blog. Tara has always had a great sense of humor, and I miss seeing her on WWE TV.

I know she said that she doesn't need any well wishes, so I will just say that I am extremely happy that she is going to be ok.

Tara is a unique talent, and is one of the few women left over from the Attitude Era. She is one of the only women in WWE history to compete in a cage match as well.

Once again, I am very glad that she will be okay. I will leave you with one more funny quote from her blog.

"First, the PWI Women's Top 50 Wrestlers came out. I was 11th. I'm a fan of PWI Magazine, but 11th? I understand that this is based on who holds a belt, and who you have beaten, and I may have been retired at the time and blah blah blah...Top wrestlers should be about who shines in the ring and who puts on good matches with their opponents.

"You know who was No. 1? Michelle McDrool. Now if it was wrestlers with the largest heads (and I don't mean egos, I mean actual head size), then yes, Michelle should be No. 1. The Great Khali would be a distant No. 2.

"Seriously, she's like a balloon on a string. Every hat she ever borrowed from me came back looking like a dog chewed it up. I was trying to watch a movie once, and her head was blocking the screen, and she wasn't even in the theatre."