San Diego Chargers Marcus McNeill To Sign Tender and Rejoin The Bolts

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIISeptember 25, 2010

Pro Bowler Marcus McNeill is back in Bolts
Pro Bowler Marcus McNeill is back in BoltsNick Laham/Getty Images

San Diego Chargers holdout, left tackle Marcus McNeill, pulled a surprise move and has decided against holding out for the entire season. I am shocked at this development, because I believed that McNeill would holdout until he signed a long term deal.

Some of my shock can be attributed to the steady play of McNeill's replacement, Brandyn Dombrowski. Dombrowski's run blocking has been phenomenal and visions of a first round pick in exchange for McNeill danced in my head.

I have no interest in seeing McNeill on the field playing for that ridiculously low tender of $630,000, but if it helps expedite a long term deal with the Chargers, then it was worth it.

You also have to wonder if watching AJ Smith stiff arm Team Jackson (Vincent Jackson and his agents Feinsod and Schwartz) this week had something to do with McNeill's quick penmanship. If so, Smith has one again proven his genius by simply making a decision, sticking with it, and not wavering.

Think about it. If Team Jackson had forced the Chargers to trade Jackson, why would McNeill believe that he as the more valuable player couldn't do the same thing?

Another move that a lot of people have interpreted as ego driven and vindictive has turned out to be a good decision. Smith was right for placing McNeill on the roster exempt list which will force him to miss the next three games.

Had McNeill been able to come right in and play, the result would be the Chargers rushing to cut a player, an injury to an out of shape McNeill, and/or poor play. Now McNeill gets to come in and practice with the team for three weeks while rounding into football shape.

The Chargers have an extra roster spot for the next three weeks and can take their time while deciding what roster moves to make to accommodate the sudden addition of McNeill.