Mr. Taylor's Sentiments on Some of the Recent Events in TNA Wrestling Today

Mr. TaylorSenior Writer ISeptember 29, 2010

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I recently wrote my comeback article on Bleacher Report, which comprised of some of the activities and events in the WWE that caught my eye while I wasn't an active writer and things that were happening during my time back on the site. Well this article has the same theme to it, only this time, I will cross the line and share my thoughts on some of the events which have occurred in TNA over the last three months or so.


I honestly didn't like the idea of TNA bringing in all these pensioners into the company to begin with. I mean, they already have multiple wrestling veterans in the company and I don't understand why TNA feel like they have to hire almost every well known wrestler, who wrestled for the WWE or another well known promotion and bring them into their company.

Most of the wrestlers that are currently involved or were apart of the ECW storyline, are over 37 years old. Tony Luke being the youngest person (at 33 years old) to be brought into the company to be apart of the ECW storyline in some shape or form. Sandman (47), Sabu (45), Raven Al Snow (47), and Bill Alfonso at 53 years old, being the oldest men to take part in the ECW revamp in TNA.

I have to admit that EV 2.0's feud with Fourtune hasn't been all that bad and it really helped get Fourtune over as a dominate and credible stable in TNA. The match Tommy had against AJ Styles at TNA's sixth ''No Surrender'' pay-per-view, really surprised me and I never expected AJ to put on such a good match against Tommy. Tommy really brought out the extreme in AJ Styles and it damn sure worked. It also gave AJ a major rub as being the only wrestler to make Dreamer say I quit. ''BUT IS THAT TRUE?''

Tommy's really outdid himself on the next episode of TNA Impact and It was one of his most emotional and well said promos of his career. He really put over Fourtune as a stable and gave major praise to each member individually. The promo had so much emotion and power behind it and it made the TNA fans really show their respects for all the members of the group.

Everything felt mellow and normal, but something felt different from the time AJ made Tommy remind him once again, who was the only guy that ever made him tap. The beat down just made Fourtune look all the more stronger as a heel group and helped them get some major heat from the fans for beating up one of their favorite ECW wrestling legends.

I honestly don't know whether Fourtune or EV 2.0 team will win come Bound for Glory, but I damn sure expect the match to entertaining and very extreme, with gallons of blood possibly getting split. After Bound for Glory, I can't see EV 2.0 lasting very long and I would expect the group to disband by the end of the year or early next year.


Matt Morgan wasn't really going anywhere after he lost the tag titles and I guess TNA wanted to ensure that he stayed relevant in TNA and putting him up with a group involving guys like Ric Flair and AJ Styles, was a really nice way to ensure that he did. I just hope that TNA will realize that Matt is more than good enough to be a main-event star and I think they should turn him face, have him turn on the group and feud with AJ Styles for the TV Title down the line.

I however didn't like the addition of Doug Williams. I think Fourtune needed some extra muscle in Matt, but I felt the addition of Doug to the group was unnecessary. Every time Fourtune comes out, everyone else looks comfortable and in place, but Doug doesn't and seems like the odd man out. He has the least amount of Charisma out of everyone in the group and hardly gets mic time when the group is doing segments backstage, or in front of the fans.

I honestly can't see Doug Williams ever being a main-event star in TNA and mostly likely he will remain in X division and tag team contention, throughout the rest of his time with the company. Doug hasn't been seen with Fourtune since he lost the title, so it appears that his time with the group is over.


FINALLY! After becoming a tag team about three years. After they both won singles X-division while being a tag team and wining tag title gold in numerous wrestling promotions like New Japan Pro Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling and All American Wrestling. The Guns finally ascended to the top of the tag team division in TNA and became the TNA World tag team champions for the first time, winning the vacated titles at the sixth annual Victory Road pay-per-view.

I felt so invigorated and excited when they finally won the tag team gold for the company which they became a tag team in. I felt every bit of the emotion that they were feeling when they were awarded the belts and I'm glad that TNA did it in fashion and gave them the titles at such an historic and annual event like Victory Road. Motor City's reign couldn't have been kicked off any better than the exhilarating and action-packed Best of Five Series with Beer Money.

Every single match they had between Beer Money in the 5 series, was entertaining and excitement filled the Impact Zone every time they went at it for the gold. TNA made the right call of when they let Alex and Sabin retain at the end of the series and hopefully they will get a nice sixth month reign with the gold. I expected the feud to get stale and become a lackluster fest, but it never did and I would expect them to feud with Beer Money down the line again.

The Guns are currently feuding with Generation Me and I will admit that the action between them so far, has been off the freaking chain and I can see the Bucks getting another title shot against them soon. I however, wouldn't expect TNA to put the belts on them during this feud, but I would expect them to give it to a more seasoned TNA tag team like Beer Money down the line.


I know....I know, I could have easily added this to the part of the article involving both Matt and Doug, but I felt it needed a spotlight on it. On the September 16th episode of TNA Impact, Fourtune assaulted Tommy Dreamer and Brian Kendrick (after he tried to help Dreamer), after Tommy made an emotional and respectful promo on all the members of Fourtune individually. After the assault was over, a beaten and battered Kendrick took the mic and issued a challenge to any member of Fourtune and Matt was the one to except the challenge.  

In his ''alleged'' $7,500 dollar suit, Matt wrestled the match with Kendrick and got in most of the offense during the match. During the near end of the match, Morgan turn to the crowd, signaling that his finisher was coming, but what he didn't know was that Kendrick was waiting behind him. After Matt turned around....WHAM! Kendrick hit a weak looking dropkick on Morgan a and pinned him to get the win after 2:01 minutes. That was one of the worst finishes I've ever seen in a TNA match.

''WTF was that TNA, Brian Kendrick beat Matt Morgan with a dropkick to the face?''

Do you really expect us to believe that a guy like Brian Kendrick, could beat Matt Morgan with a pussycat dropkick...with no help?''

The win could have looked a lot more realistic if someone from EV 2.0 like Raven, came out and hit Matt Morgan in the head with a steal pipe or something. Therefore, letting Kendrick cease the opportunity and pin Morgan for the win. The dropkick didn't even look good and there is no way that I can believe that Kendrick can cleanly beat someone like Matt Morgan with a freaking dropkick. Matt Morgan deserves to look credible as a member of Fourtune and I'm telling ya TNA, that wasn't the way to do it.


I knew a Velvet Sky face turn was coming and glad that TNA decided to bring back the old school Beautiful People when it happened. The feud between the Original Beautiful People vs Madison and Tara has been pretty good thus far and I think that we might see either Madison or Tara getting the title from Angelina down the line. However, Lacey seems out of place in this feud. I think TNA needs to make her look more aggressive in the ring and stop having her look so dumb and clueless sometimes. They could make her look so much more credible in the ring, but it's up to TNA management to give her that chance.

I think TNA took way to long with revealing Tara as the ''Biker chick'' but glad they finally did and I'm glad they didn't bring her back as a face, because she thrives so much better as a full heel. Tara and Madison look so hot together and if TNA really wanted go far, they should have Tara and Madison ''REALLY KISS'' each other, instead of that little peck on the mouth they give each other, every time they come out to the ring.

TNA needs to stop having both teams come out with the same music though, but they should definitely let Velvet and Angelina keep the theme song because it originated with them first, so taking it away from them, to give it to someone else wouldn't make sense. I would really like to see a feud between Velvet and Angelina down the line for the title because I think Velvet has deserved the strap for a long time now and hopefully she can get it by next year.


On the September 16 episode of TNA Impact, Jay Lethal defeated Doug Williams for the X-division title. I had no problem with Jay Lethal beating Doug Williams for the title and it was time for him to drop the title anyway. I do however thought that TNA went way over the line with how Jay's title celebration went down. Firstly, Things like confetti should only be thrown on a wrestler accomplishes something big or momentous, like winning the top title of a company and not for someone winning a mid-card title that they have already held.

Jay would then lose the title to Amazing Red seven days later after wining it, at a live TNA event New York. It really made no sense of making the title change hands just because Amazing Red was in his hometown and making it change hands at a live event made the title seem more worthless and less credible than it already is.

Then having Jay win the title back from Amazing red in city that he isn't from in the first place didn't help either. Jay is a 5 time X-division champ because of it, but hopefully TNA won't do this again for a long time and will allow Jay to have a nice long five month reign with the gold before they take it off him. I think that it will mostly likely be Kazarian to take it from Jay down the line and it wouldn't hurt to see him with some gold in Fourtune. So hopefully a feud between them will occur in the near future.


Last week on Impact, Abyss had a little backstage segment where he was in a confined place with two men and of course ''his girl,'' Janice was there as well. Abyss was normally babbling about ''THEY'' and ''10-10-10'' as usual, when suddenly, he introduced another weapon of destruction and pain to his repertoire. A branding iron named ''Bob,'' with the ''10-10-10'' inscribed on it. He would then start scream ''10-10-10,'' like crazy and use Bob to brand one of the individuals with the ''10-10-10'' insignia.


I mean Janice is enough and there was no need for them to make Abyss look crazier, sadistic and evil than he already is. That was one of the dumbest and lamest segments I've seen in TNA, in a long time. TNA is really making a big fuss out of this ''THEY'' storyline and hyping it up to the freaking moon. By the time TNA's Bound for Glory comes, I swear the GOD, this supposed ''THEY'' people better be huge or I might just give up on TNA all-in-all.


At first, I didn't like it when this happened at all and couldn't understand why TNA didn't just let Rob lose the title to a credible wrestler instead. It was only later that I found out about Rob's special contract deal, stating that he would only appear on a specific number of dates per year, so he had to take time off to conserve the remaining date appearances, because TNA burned out most of his dates way to fast.

I think TNA didn't need to have Hardy and Kurt face off against each other twice though in a row and they should have stuck with making it a triple threat match from the start. Dixie overruling Eric was unnecessary because nothing really came of it and they could have used that time to show case other talent on the show. In the end, it still guaranteed that there would be a new champion and we will find out who at the next pay-per-view.

Mr. Anderson has gotten over tremendously well with his ''A-hole'' gimmick and the TNA fans have embraced it pretty well. Anderson has the look, mick skills, charisma and wrestling ability to be a great champion and he does deserve to win the world title down the line. I just can't see him winning at Bound for Glory (BFG). Kennedy is injury prone and I think that TNA should wait a bit longer and ensure that he can stay without injury for another couple of months until they decide to give him the belt.

I think that Jeff's chances of wining the title at BFG, are just as slim as Anderson's and I think that they shouldn't give Jeff the title until he thoroughly gets his legal issues over with. I wouldn't be surprised if TNA gave it to him regardless of his issues with the law, because if they still pushed Kurt and let him keep the world title when he was having issues with law over Rhaka Khan, then what's stopping them from giving Jeff the title?

Kurt Angle has made a major statement by going through all the top contenders to win the gold. This week on Impact, Kurt even reiterated once again that if he lost to either of the other contenders and didn't win the world title, he would retire. I don't think that Kurt is leaving anytime soon and certainly not at Bound for Glory, so it has to be a storyline thing and not Angle really saying that he will leave TNA and retire from wrestling if he didn't win the World title.


On October the 10, TNA will host its premiere and most extravagant pay-per-view of the year. It is considered as there ''Wrestlemania.'' The 6th historic annual Bound for Glory. Only three matches for Bound for Glory have been officially announced so far; Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy vs Anderson, in a triple threat match for the world title, Fourtune vs EV 2.0 in a lethal lockdown match, and Rob Van Dam vs Abyss, in a singles match.

I have already shared my views on the lethal lockdown and world title match, so I will now post my views on the third one. I know that Van Dam should get revenge on Abyss for what he did to him, but if TNA is smart, they will make RVD lose here. Having Van Dam beat Abyss makes no sense and after seeing Rob on Impact last week, it appears that they are selling him still being heavily injured and having him just pull out a win on October 10th wouldn't be the logical choice. Besides "THEY'' will debut in TNA on that night, so it makes no sense having Abyss look so weak against a bruised and battered RVD.

A match pitting Jay against Kazarian for the X-title would be a nice addition to the pay-per-view and I think a feud should insure between them after it's over. Another possible match to be added will be Motor City vs Generation Me, but you could never be sure. I would've liked to see AJ defend the TV title against Tommy, but with the lethal lockdown match in place, that is highly unlikely.

I would expect to see some new faces at Bound for Glory and possibly some former wrestlers from the WWE and maybe ''THEY'' will be comprised of some of them. I don't know where this friendship between Nash, Sting and Pope is going, but I guess TNA might be planning on making a new stable involving the three of them. Let's just hope that TNA's Bound for Glory can live up to all the hype that it's been receiving.

All comments, sharing and likes are welcome.

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