All Out War: Plan A Backfires on LayCool and Guerrero, Kaitlin Screws Up Match

lee raydeanCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2010

Hey Bleacher fans. Thank you for stopping by to read this. Hope you like it.

Tonight, Justin Roberts, was the lone commentator for the night's festivities. At least he was until, C.M Punk came out to join him. Micheal Cole doesn't like the Diva's NXT. Therefore, he wasn't there to run his mouth about the divas, Daniel Bryan. Ahh peace so...

Another episode of Diva's NXT, has come and gone, but not without incident. Matt Striker had all six divas in the ring, trying to explain about how important timing is.

He gave each one a word, and they had to talk about it for 60 seconds. Jamie and Naomi were eliminated because, neither of them talked about the word they were given.

In thhe midst of it all, Micheal Cole comes back. He is so full of himself. He talks and acts like Vinny Mac and the Miz. His idol. Cole calls his supposedly fans, Coleminers.

Micheal needs a hobby or something. He has too much time on his hands. He does remind me of the Miz. I think he should have a catch phrase saying" I'm an Idiot and I like it"

Then there was an unearthly voice screaming, "excuse me",. That only means one thing, Trouble with a capitol T, Vickie Guerrero.

She is, by the way, the pro for diva, Kaitlin. I thought that you had to be a wrestler or diva to be a pro. Vickie is only an official consultant to Smackdown!. Also, I didn't know Vickie knew how to train someone for this particular sport, or any other one.

Vickie tells her rookie, that she brought friends along to help with training her. Now I know that there is more trouble coming, when I hear LayCool's music.

Please say it isn't true. Make it go away. These two heartless wonders came out to help Kaitlin. They wanted to give her pointers. Also, they were in there, poking fun of jamie and Naomi.

You think these bimbos were a pain in the ass before, they're even worse now, since McCool beat Melina at NOC, and won the divas unified belts. That's a belt for each incompotent fool.

Jamie's pros, the Bella Twins, weren't there this evening, but someone else was. She made it known that Jamie and Naomi had backup. It was the sweetest diva, Kelly Kelly.

There was an opened challenge made to LayCool and Kaitlin from Kelly. It was a six diva tag team match. Naomi, Jamie, Kelly vs LayCool and Kaitlin.

When it was time for the match, all participants were eager for this to start. Kelly and LayCool have bad blood between them. No love lost there.

Jamie and Layla started off first. It went back and forth, tags in and out. Vickie is out by the ring, pacing.

Jamie takes it to Layla, along with Kelly. She calls these two, dumb  and dumber. She's got that right.

It was an even match. At the end, however, it was Naomi that reversed a pin on Kaitlin. LayCool had Naomi on the mat, and motioned for Kaitlin to pin her.

She did what she was told to do, but, like I said, Naomi reversed it and won the match for her team.

Vickie and LayCool confronted Kaitlin. Vickie was yelling at her, then Michelle McCool did, until Kaitlin pushed her into the ropes. Layla grabbed her leg and McCool kicked her in the face.

Looks like dumb and dumber have trouble in their stable. Kaitlin will be repremended for her actions tonight. What's in store for her now? Is she turning on her pro? How embarrassed was Vickie tonight?

In my opinion, Vickie should stick to watching her boyfriend, the Zigler, and Kaitlin, instead of trying to be a coach, or whatever she calls herself doing. Seems like the pair get a little too friendly with one another.

Vickie has to remember that, Kaitlin is a lot younger, prettier, and in better shape than her. That's another story for another time.