Impact! Report: Paving The Freeway To Bound For Glory 2010

Len TaylorContributor ISeptember 17, 2010

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Returning after a week off, TNA began paving the freeway to 10-10-10 in Daytona Beach. The show kicked off with a No Surrender recap and Eric Bischoff announcing Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle for the world title at Bound For Glory. Dixie Carter arrived and trumped the decision by making Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy in a no time limit match as the main event of IMPACT!

The first match of the night pitted Samoa Joe against Kevin Nash. The match turned in a brawl when Sting and Jeff Jarrett got involved causing a double countout. This feud is about nothing more than backstage politics. It's a peek at how infighting in a company can tear it apart. Pope D'Angelo Dinero joining Sting and Nash's side signals the beginning of roster members having to pick sides in the power struggle for control of TNA.

Jay Lethal's push continued as he captured the X - division title from Douglas Williams. This win solidifies Lethal's spot as a thorn in Fourtune's side and a future main eventer. The fact that a title changed hands cleanly on t.v. was refreshing to see.

Hamada and Taylor Wilde successfully defended their newly won Knockout tag team titles against Lacey Von Erich and Madison Rayne in a match that saw Madison turn into a mega-heel as she and Tara beat Lacey down after the match. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky made the save. I feel that Lacey as a face will be a good thing for her in the long run.

Tommy Dreamer's "truce" promo/quasi-shoot with Fourtune was ten star. Youngsters in the business should study this one and learn from some of the best. It was packed with honest emotion on both sides and the classic Horseman style beatdown only builds for a final showdown between Fourtune and EV2 at Bound For Glory.


Abyss introduced the world to "Bob", a branding iron that read 10-10-10,. during a promo where he came off like a poor man's Terry Funk when he branded someone. 

During a phone interview, Rob Van Dam gave an update on his health. He told the world he considered himself to be the uncrowned world champ and wrapped it up by announcing his return next week.

Generation Me cut their first heel promo demanding that Chris Sabin hand over the TNA world tag Titles to them because of Alex Shelley's injury. Sabin arrived and was beaten down. A clash between these teams is on the horizon. It has the potential to rival the Machine Guns matches with Beer Money, Inc. if all are healthy.

The rematch between Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle was intense and momentum swung back and forth until Hardy accidentally took out Brian Hebner. Earl Hebner arrived as the match bled into the opening of ReAction! A controversial double pin ended the match and began the power struggle for TNA as Eric Bischoff booked the three way dance at Bound For Glory upsetting Dixie to the point that she gave a "No comment." when questioned about Bischoff's decision.

My take on this is that the Carter family owns TNA. Bischoff is just an employee. Hulk Hogan is Dixie's partner. Not Bischoff. He is as expendable in TNA as he was in WCW and WWE when ratings tanked. Dixie.needs to remind Biscoff that she is THE boss.

The highlight of ReAction was the conclusion of the Jesse Neal story. His passion for wrestling and life shines brightly.

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