Week 1: Washington Redskins Are Winners Over Dallas Cowboys

Brandon KeenerCorrespondent INovember 5, 2016

Larry French/Getty Images

When I was growing up my grandma always taught me to admit when you are wrong and own your mistakes. I wrote an article predicting the Dallas Cowboys to beat the Washington Redskins. I did get the Redskins score correct, so I will take some credit for that.

The Redskins offense was just kind of there. Donovan McNabb threw for 171 yards in his first game for a different team ever, the surprising stat was that he was only sacked once. The offensive line played great.

Just like Detroit is going to rightfully feel robbed because of the catch Calvin Johnson made, yes I said he made it NFL, the Dallas Cowboys will feel closely robbed because of Alex Barron's hold on Brian Orakpo. 

The best player the Redskins had helping them out was not anyone in the burgundy and gold uniforms. Alex Barron was flagged for two holds in critical holding calls, including the final play of the game that erased a scrambling Tony Romo's touchdown pass to Roy Williams.

"That was a nice team win," said Coach Mike Shanahan after the game. "It feels good."

Now it is that time of my writing for the Gameday Grades, I'm only going to grade the Redskins so Cowboys fans please read another article.

QB: B. I know, I know. Many are going to let me hear about it on this one, but think about it. McNabb played no better than an average Jason Campbell in his debut. Passed for 171 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT.

RB: C+. Clinton Portis was average and no better than he was last year. 18 carries for 63 yards.

FB: C. You all know I am a fan of Mike Sellers but he missed a couple of catches and did not pick up two blitzes that could have led to sacks.

WR: C. Aside from Santana Moss, the rest of the wide receiver corps was flat horrible. Preseason phenom Anthony Armstrong missed two critical catch chances to expand the score.

TE: A. Chris Cooley was tied for the most receptions on the team including some of the most momentum turning catches.

OL: B+. Only one sack, a couple of holes for the running backs were good. Open up a few more holes and keep the sack count at the level it is at and they will get higher grades from me always.

DL: C+. Not enough pressure but a decent job stopping the run.

LB: B+. Andre Carter and Brian Orakpo did not have great games but it was Orakpo's pressure on Tony Romo that caused Alex Barron to hold him and end the game. On the other hand, Rocky McIntosh and London Fletcher had brilliant games.

CB: B. DeAngelo Hall had the only Redskins touchdown on a fumble he helped strip. Carlos Rogers missed a sure interception that could have ended the game and gave up quite a few big plays to Miles Austin and Dez Bryant. Philip Buchanon is in the same boat as Carlos Rogers.

S: A. LaRon Landry was the best defensive player the Redskins had with the following stats, 13 tackles with 4 assisted and a deflected pass.

K: A. Graham Gano was 2-2, with a long of 49 yards. The 49 yard field goal came with great pressure on him late in the game.

P: D. Josh Bidwell not only blew a decent snap for Graham Gano but also had a punt that only went 27 yards. He had one punt that went 51 yards! Thanks to a very friendly bounce and the Cowboy returner getting out of the way. The only reason he did not get an F is because he had two punts inside the 20.

Return game: A. Devin Thomas had a kick return average of 38.0 yards. That is a great average for anyone. The field is much shorter after return like that.

Coaching: A. Both Coach Mike and Kyle Shanahan were good on the offensive side. Jim Haslett was a defensive genius mixing up blitzes and short zone coverages.

This team proved that they will give all the Redskins writers out there plenty to write about for the entire season. Hail to the Redskins!