Help Wanted: Head Football Coach, University Of Minnesota Golden Gophers

Kristopher FieckeCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2010

Tim Brewster:  You're fired.
Tim Brewster: You're fired.Christian Petersen/Getty Images

I was wrong.  I can admit that.  Joel Maturi needs to follow suit.

Following the worst loss in the history of the University of Minnesota's football program, Tim Brewster needs to resign or be fired.  Today.

I bought into his talk.  I was more than willing to be patient and give him enough time to coach his recruits.  It's become crystal clear that he can't coach.

Is there more talent than there was when Glen Mason was fired?  Absolutely.  But talent alone does not win ballgames.

Following an impressive win at Middle Tennessee State where the Gophers dominated the line of scrimmage and totally controlled time of possesion, I was more than optimistic that the Gophers would not only beat the Coyotes of the University of South Dakota, they would destroy them.  Obviously, that wasn't the case.

The Blue Raiders of MTSU rebounded from their loss by throttling Austin Peay 56-7.  A decent team went out and destroyed an inferior opponent in all facets of the game.  The Gophers should have followed suit, but that didn't happen.

It has never happened under Brewster.  Not once.  Time and time again, the Gophers have been given lower division cupcakes on the schedule.  Brewster's biggest win over an FCS school is a measly 12 point victory.  At home.

Most FBS teams go out and paste FCS opponents.  Not Brewster's Gophers.  They consistenly play down to the level of their competition.  Not acceptable.  Not by a long shot. 

Brewster and his coaching staff totally overlooked the Coyotes.  They assumed a victory and treated preparation for the game like a scrimmage.  That's a fireable offense.

There were no defensive adjustments, there were a multitude of dropped passes and you can't say there were too many blown coverages, because that implies that there was any type of coverage at all.

Everyone associated with the Gophers football program should be completely embarrassed and ashamed this morning.  That goes from the A.D.  all the way down to the guy who holds the ball on the opponent's sideline.

Back in the old days, they used to burn the coach in effigy.  Brewster should consider himself lucky if that's all that happens to him.  His resume now includes the two worst losses in the history the history of the program.

Losing 55-0 to Iowa was bad.  Real bad.  But getting beat at home by a team that likely was going to celebrate this epic victory by meeting up for a 6-ft. party sub at Subway in Wal Mart is the absolute bottom of the barrel.  This is rock bottom.  This is the kind of loss a coach can't recover from and it's going to be extremely difficult for the program to recover from. 

The few loyal supporters that program have left can't stand for this. 

What makes this loss unforgivable is the timing.  Virginia Tech and Michigan can survive embarrassing losses.  They've built up some equity to offset those losses.  The Gophers don't have that luxury.

Apathy surrounding the program was a problem before the loss.  The Gophers were struggling to sell tickets in a stadium that's in its second season.  They won't be able to give away tickets now.

The good news is that it gets much, much easier for the Gophers from here on out, starting the the USC Trojans next Saturday.  The Trojans can't possibly match up in talent with the vaunted Coyotes from Vermillion, South Dakota.

I'm sure arrogant jerk Lane Kiffin would love to run up the score on the Gophers.  If the Trojans can put up 85 points, that would eclipse the South Dakota loss as the worst in Gopher history.  That's really the only way to erase this debacle and at this point, I wouldn't bet against it.

I hate being wrong.  But I was wrong on Brewster.  Dead wrong.  I can admit it.  Can that little  weasel Joel Maturi do the same?  I doubt it.


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