RKO and the Attitude Adjuster Outlast Nexus's Barrett and Gabriel

lee raydeanCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2010

Monday Night RAW opens with Nexus in the ring. Leader of the pact, Wade Barrett, was bragging about their accomplishments.

On the titantron, a video came on, showing how Nexus ganged up on the Undertaker who wasn't quite 100%. He didn't look or act like the Phenom.

Justin Gabriel had his video up on the titantron next. It showed Gabriel giving John Cena his finishing move, the 450 and then pinning him.

Just as they thought about celebrating, a familiar sound fills the arena. Randy Orton appears to confront the notorious gang, Nexus.

He reminded Wade Barrett, that he has beaten him. And of course, Randy says, Nexus didn't show that clip.

Orton wanted a match against Barrett, and he wanted it right then and there. Before either superstar could really set anything up, the GM's bling echoed throughout the arena.

Of course the great(at least he thinks he is) annoujncer, Micheal Cole Retrieved the email. The GM says that since Nexus wants to brag, two of the members will be in a match.

Justin Gabriel would face John Cena and the other match would be, Randy Orton taking on, Wade Barrett.There was one condition, Nexus was to be banned from the ring area while the matches were taking place.

A smile broke out on Randy's face. That was all he needed to hear. Randy was in heaven.

Justin Gabriel and John Cena had their match first. I give Gabriel credit. He stayed in the ring and he had a few near falls against Cena. Not half bad.

Justin tried at least four times, to use the 450 on his opponent. He connected, I think, at least once.

If he expected to beat Cena, he would've had to bring more to the table than what he did. Gabriel needed more in his arsenol than what he brought if he expected to beat Cena.

John finished and won the match by giving Gabriel a flying Attitude Adjuster off of the top rope. Guess Nexus won't be showing that video either.

Now comes Randy and Wade Barrett's match. There is no love lost between these two.

At the opening bell for the match, Randy wasted no time getting the best of Barrett. Back and forth the match went.

Wade was holding his own. I give him credit for that much.  Toe to toe they went. Neither one backing down.

All of a sudden, the crowd starts cheering. Sheamus, Edge, and John Cena, came out to watch the match and giving comments

Again music fills the arena. Darren Young came out, and was yelling at Barrett for kicking him out of the group, the unit, the club. This caused a distraction and Barrett felt the wrath of the Viper's RKO. Orton didn't need a distraction, he had things under control. After the match, Orton called Young into the ring.

Darren had a big grin on his face until, the Viper handed him a RKO. He wasn't smiling anymore.

Edge and Sheamus jumped into the ring, and they met their fate as well. When he looked up from the carnage that he left in the ring, his gaze went to Cena, who by that time, was standing in the ring.

There was no punches exchanged, just glares. On RAW next week, Orton and Cena will face each other.

Will the Viper or the face of the WWE prevail in their match? RKO or the Attitude Adjuster? What's your opinion? Who would you like to see win?