San Francisco Giants Baseball Alive and Smiling

Daniel LuceroContributor ISeptember 8, 2010

New Giants
New GiantsJed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

The ball left Juan Uribe’s bat over the wall at Dodger Stadium and suddenly the Giants were in position to overtake the Padres in the National League West. A la Brian Johnson in 1997, mark that comeback on the calendar for a game to look back on that changed the path of the 2010 Giants.

The San Francisco Giants are only one game behind the slumping Padres and one game behind the Atlanta Braves. As we come down the home stretch of the season, one can point to many obvious reasons as to why they are in the hunt but the most important reason cannot be found in the box scores of the sports pages.  It’s what every great team has no matter what sport and that’s chemistry. It’s been years since we have seen as much life in the Giants dugout as we do now. Magic IS in the air by the bay and something special can happen when both the fans and players believe. From every sacrifice bunt to a long ball over the brick wall, one can find Giants players jumping up and down or hitting each other in the arm like they were all kids again.

As mentioned, this team allows us to draw references back to the teams of the late 80’s with players like Clark and Mitchell to more recent history with Bonds, Snow and Aurilia (sorry Kent, once you play for L.A. it’s over). Its true winning does a lot for morale but it was evident from the beginning of the season that there was something special about this team and the personality of its players. With this current team we have become well accustomed to the names Lincecum, Zito, Sandoval and Wilson but it took “young” veterans like Juan Uribe, Pat Burrell and Aubrey Huff to make sure everyone in the clubhouse keep their chins up and have a “never say die” attitude. Huff is a perfect example of a diamond in the rough that Brian Sabean knew that if put in the right situation, would not only be a great addition to a stagnant offense but would give the team as a whole a much needed ego boost. Huff could be the team MVP. Huff recently talked about his last nine seasons of not winning and compared his current situation with the Giants to his college years playing for Miami, where he was teammates with Pat Burrell. If the Giants are going to get themselves into the post season and hopefully beyond, they will need hits from a Panda and fastballs from a Freak but most importantly they will need to continually lift each other as they do now….Huff’s red thong won’t hurt either.