1. That was Uribe's first plate appearance since Sept. 25. He hit an RBI single to give the #Mets a 6-3 lead. Worth noting he has two rings.

  2. Uribe Doesn't Miss a Beat Despite Long Layoff

  3. Uribe Drive Home Run in 1st AB Since Sept. 25

  4. Mets Hesitant to Use Uribe Due to Chest Injury

  5. Uribe (Chest) Makes Mets World Series Roster

  6. "Uribe is a baseball player," Terry Collins will say after the game. #mets

  7. Juan Uribe is still a fresh act.

  8. Juan Uribe will be able to hit like that when he's 60. In fact, he may be 60 ⚾️

  9. Uribe (Chest) Takes BP Practice, Will Travel with Team

  10. Report: Uribe Not Expected to Be on Mets' WS Roster

  11. Alderson 'Doubts' Uribe Will Make NLCS Roster

  12. Look who's back. Juan Uribe. RBI single. 6-3 Mets in 6th.

  13. Juan Uribe hasn't played since September 25th...he comes through with an RBI single. Mets lead, 6-3.

  14. Juan Uribe's RBI single makes it 6-3 Mets. Granderson up with two on, one out

  15. Matz Feeling Better, Uribe Not Making Progress

  16. Uribe (Chest) Could Miss Start of Postseason

  17. Mets Juan Uribe Exits with Chest Injury

  18. Uribe is the epitome of one of those sayings, "He could wake up at 4 am on a frigid January and still get a hit." Professional hitter

  19. JUAN URIBE! Uribe with a pinch-hit RBI single giving the @Mets the 6-3 lead over the Royals in the 6th #WorldSeries

  20. Juan Uribe: RBI hit in 1st AB since September 25

  21. Juan Uribe reinjures chest. Departs with a 2-2 count. Had hurt it Sunday diving for grounder.

  22. Uribe Leaves Yankees Game with Possible Injury

  23. Among amazing Uribe facts … one of few to have a three-hit game against Randy Johnson.

  24. Action shot of Juan Uribe singling home a run earlier this inning. #Mets https://t.co/sjhirvncs4

  25. Uribe delivers for Mets in 1st at-bat since September https://t.co/jOXMj5cZpP https://t.co/p34tCXsDBO

  26. Juan Uribe is somewhere in the middle of this media scrum #Mets #WorldSeries https://t.co/mhtcFaW2HB

  27. hat game juan uribe https://t.co/GmezkoPgKz

  28. Juan Uribe talks about the talent on this #Mets team. #MetsWin #LGM https://t.co/hXf8lsciTP

  29. Uribe says he is just happy to contribute to the team. #Mets https://t.co/rOpmTnd6GA

  30. World Series 2015: Juan Uribe is awesome and everybody loves him https://t.co/OKLSi73NDr

  31. If you don’t love Juan Uribe, we probably can’t be friends. https://t.co/OKLSi7lp21 https://t.co/PCc16mXJFR

  32. Here is a slideshow. Hey, wait, where are you going? Come back! It’s a Juan Uribe slideshow. Hey, welcome, come in! https://t.co/OKLSi7lp21

  33. Juan Uribe sat out a month, got four fastballs, knocked a curveball into right field, and probably smelled great: https://t.co/JHAJjdq7jD

  34. Juan Uribe was once traded for Aaron Miles, who was then traded with Larry Bigbie for Ray King.

  35. Everything is more fun with Uribe. #Mets #LGM https://t.co/8ZdUw4WIy4

  36. Pretty much impossible to dislike a team with Bartolo and Uribe.

  37. Mets are 1-0 in the World Series when Juan Uribe gets in a game.

  38. I guess they feel they can't take Wright out of game for defense, but with that lead Uribe should've been in IMO https://t.co/rvgdg8LS5O

  39. Uribe in this inning please.

  40. Juan Uribe might hit in this inning. Cripes.

  41. Not blaming Wright; Duda is the one who made the lousy throw home. Merely stating, Uribe plays strong D, great arm. https://t.co/cdNcwYxJse

  42. but then michael conforto got a base hit. and so did flores. and so did juan uribe. and so did granderson. and so did wright. and so did mur

  43. At least Uribe didn't make the last out

  44. Uribe is an obvious fit. Colon will want to start, and he won’t get that shot here IMO https://t.co/WSPzoIM7VL

  45. #Mets have 9 fr agts: Blevins, Cespedes, Clippard, Colon, Kelly Johnson, Murphy, O'Flaherty, Parnell, Uribe.

  46. MLBPA lists official new free agents. #Mets: Blevins, Cespedes, Clippard, Colon, Johnson, Murphy, O'Flaherty, Parnell, Uribe.

  47. Official - Cespedes, Colon, Uribe, Parnell, O'Flaherty, Blevins, Johnson, Clippard and Murphy file for free agency https://t.co/TiJozCoX4E

  48. Nine #Mets just officially became free agents: -Blevins -Cespedes -Clippard -Colon -K. Johnson -Murphy -O'Flaherty -Parnell -Uribe

  49. They already have a $12M platoon player in Cuddyer. Do you think they'll add a $7M bench player too? in Uribe https://t.co/kbNoqb9SK7

  50. prob not uribe :( https://t.co/R7e2BYPk3y

  51. Am pushing for Uribe to get his own show https://t.co/CeRX96VxRT