The Fall and Fall Of TNA

Darren BuckleyContributor ISeptember 8, 2010

This article started as a comment I made a couple of weeks ago. It’s my first one so cut me a bit of slack.


The title says it all. It really frustrates me to see TNA go downhill.


Let me take you back about 2 years ago. The Main Event Mafia was running roughshod. TNA became unmissable in case MEM took someone else out or recruited. The conflict between Sting & Angle. It was amazing. It was TNA vs The Mafia. Wrestlers were with MEM or they got attacked. I remember the night MEM invited Team 3D to join them. I was on tenterhooks. Was the greatest tag team in the world about to join the greatest faction in the world? That is how you do suspense.


Going back further when Kurt Angle debuted and took it to Samoa Joe, that was an amazing moment. When AJ Styles finally won the World Championship, that was an amazing moment. When Team 3D debuted and destroyed Team Canada, that was an amazing moment.


There have been some of the greatest matches in American Professional Wrestling. Joe v Styles v Daniels. Joe v Angle. Sting v Styles.  Motor City Machine Guns vs Anyone. 


Hell, when I went to see TNA in January 2009 here in Dublin, it was better than any WWE show I had been to. For me it was #1.


Mid-way through 09 post-mafia, TNA was in a lull. Storylines became inconsistent. Turns were happening every show. In other words, business as usual.


Towards the end of the year, of course Hogan and Eric announced they were coming to TNA. This was the moment TNA lost the magic. Off the back of a tremendous triple threat (Styles v Joe v Daniels) and a supernova hot series between Wolfe & Angle, TNA fell apart.


January 4th 2010. TNA goes head to head with WWE for the first time, and while TNA got record ratings, RAW got double. Double. Yet Hogan saw this as, and somehow convinced Dixie that it was, a sign to move to Mondays.


March. TNA moves to Mondays, digging up fossils like the nWo, the Nasties and Flair, hire the recently arrested Jeff Hardy (Whom they made look completely inconsequential, despite being arguably the biggest draw the previous year in WWE) and massage the ego of RVD (who saw his reputation as more valuable than the World Championship) . I don't need to go into what happened next. Ratings plummeted, and TNA destroyed AJ's star power by jobbing him to RVD. TNA had earlier done this trick with Desmond Wolfe.


I try to look for positives, but I can only find a few. D'Angelo Dinero was relevant, but no longer. All the build up to lockdown was amazing. But it came to nothing. The best of 5 series between Beer Money and MCMG was amazing.


Look, the most frustrating thing for me is the talent at the disposal for TNA. D’Angelo Dinero. Samoa Joe. AJ Styles. Desmond Wolfe. Generation Me. Jay Lethal. Kazarian. Douglas Williams Notice a pattern? These guys are all, bar one, “TNA Guys”. That is they haven’t been in WWE and have broken onto the main stage as part of TNA. Yet TNA insists on programmes featuring ECW washed up hacks (I’ve never rated Hardcore Wrestling, but that’s a different article for a different day), a barely mobile Kevin Nash, a has-been in Ric Flair (Yeah I said it) and a never-was in Jeff Jarrett.


Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff aren’t the whole problem, but Hogan is once again proving to be poison. He has robbed TNA of anything unique. He took the six-sided ring from you fans. He put in a stupid ramp to help him and his old washed up cronies hobble to the ring. He mugged us when he rubbished the King of the Mountain match. Hogan is an accomplice to the murder of TNA wrestling. He took the spotlight off younger guys to look out for his own ego, dammit.


Look at the guys I listed earlier. Pope is irrelevant. Joe was suspended. Styles is a Flair knock-off. Wolfe hasn’t been on TV in months and is now lumbered with Magnus. Generation Me feature almost exclusively on Xplosion. Jay Lethal was red hot after his angle with Fourtune. Where is he now. Kazarian is inconsequential in Fourtune. Douglas Williams, wait for it, the FREAKIN X DIVISION CHAMPION has disappeared.


TNA should be an alternative to WWE. Dixie has announced another “change for good” moment in TNA. Sorry Dixie, but at this point unless you’ve sold to Vince McMahon, I will not be shocked by your announcement. I don’t want to hate TNA. I want to be able to watch it. I want storylines to make sense. I want to see TNA guys at the top. But I can’t, they don’t, and they aren’t. At this point, TNA is like an old dog. You don’t want to see it’s misery. You just have to take it round the back of the shed and end the misery and pain.