Washington Redskins: 2010 Running Back Predictions

Mal SullyContributor IISeptember 3, 2010

Washington Redskins: 2010 Running Back Predictions

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    Redskins Feature back, Clinton Portis runs against the Falcons.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    Will I make It?

    That is what the Redskins running backs are saying right now, as last night was their last chance to show the Redskins coaches what they've got before the final cuts tomorrow.

    What we know about the Skins' running backs are that Clinton Portis is the only safe one.  But what about Larry Johnson, Willie Parker,  Ryan Torian and Rookie, Keiland Williams? None of us know which one of them will be cut or will remain a Redskins until tomorrow but I will predict the ones who will stay and who will go.

    Note: This is just for fun. We'll know who is safe tomorrow at 6:00 pm when the Skins make cuts.

No. 1: Clinton Portis, Starter

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    Win McNamee/Getty Images

    Clinton Portis, without a doubt, is the starter for this backfield.

    Some people think he is washed up. He may be, but every year except when he was injured(twice) in his career, he has ran for over 1,200 yards.

    Well I don't expect him to hit that mark; I expect him to have a nice year. Remember, his first two years in the league with Mike Shanahan, he ran for 1,509 and 1,591 yards respectively with a 5.5 yard average (both years) and 29 (14 rookie, 15 second year) touchdowns on less then 300 carries each year. 

    Expect him to have a tough beginning of the year but have it all come together later in the year.

    2010 statistics: 1,280 yards, 4.6 average, nine TD's, 341 yards receiving, two TD's, 9.0 average,18 yards passing

No. 2. Larry Johnson, Third Down Back

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    Larry JohnsonWin McNamee/Getty Images

    Larry Johnson should win the second string spot in my opinion. He's had an average preseason and is impressing the staff. This year I think he will mainly do 3rd down situations and catch a lot of passes on the bootleg. 

    2010 Statistics: 587 yards, four TD's, 4.4 average, 461 yards receiving, one TD, 11.0 average

No. 3: Keiland Williams, Short Yardage and Goal Line

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    Rookie, Keiland WilliamsAl Bello/Getty Images

    The only Back to score a rushing touchdown this preseason happens to be the undrafted steal Keiland Williams from LSU. He is quick and explosive and has a good shot to make this roster in my opinion. If he were to make the roster, he would be used on goal line and third and short.

    2010 Statistics: 273 yards, five TD's, 5.1 average, 141 yards receiving, two TD's, 7.4 yard average

Who Knows?

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    Redskins back, Willie parker Rushes against the cardinals thursday night.Christian Petersen/Getty Images

    To be honest, I am not sure whether Ryan Torain or Willie Parker will be the bench warmer/fourth stringer. I think they both had a good performance last night, and that makes it hard to decide. They both have a 50/50 chance, and I am going to leave it at that. 

The Ending

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    Ryan Torain jumps over the crowd of tacklers for a touchdown with Denver.Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

    In the end, Mike Shanahan, Bobby Turner and the rest of the staff will make the best decisions for the team.

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    BY: Mal Sully