Unusual Suspects: Who Are "They?"

Michael BradfordContributor ISeptember 3, 2010

Unusual Suspects: Who Are "They?"

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    10/10/10. That is when the fans of TNA will find out who the mysterious “they” are that The Monster Abyss is speaking about. Now, since there is a whole month to figure out who “they” are, I figured I would take this time to go down the list of potential people that “they” could be, and who they might not be. But remember, everyone is guilty until 10/10/10.

1. EV2.0

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    The Monster Abyss told the TNA world that “they” are not EV2.0. But can we really trust a man who swings a 2x4 with nails in it at the entire TNA roster? I wouldn’t trust Abyss if he told me the sky was blue! Given Abyss’s extreme personality, EV2.0 would make sense. But then, there’s the issue with RVD. If EV2.0 really are the “they,” why attack an icon from ECW? Is someone inside EV 2.0 trying to take over and saw RVD as a threat to the coming take over? If so, is this person using Abyss to weed out the weak in EV2.0? Or are EV2.0 innocent?

2. Judas Mesias/James Mitchell

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    Those names ring a bell? Long time fans remember that these men were major parts of Abyss’s life, as Mitchell was his father, and Judas was his step-brother. During his partnership with Mitchell, Abyss became a heavyweight champ. However, that partnership ended and the battles between Judas Mesias and Abyss were some of the best I’ve seen. Has the family been brought back together? Has Mitchell and Mesias gotten hold of the monsters mind again?

3. Hogan/Bischoff

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    The best joke the devil played on mankind, was making them think he didn’t exist. The attacks on Hogan and Bischoff, the mystery surrounding their part in TNA, the mistrust of Sting and Kevin Nash. Who’s to say that these two aren’t behind it? We’ve seen how these two acted in WCW. Is it possible, that Hogan and Bischoff are playing the ultimate game in TNA? Are they the one’s controlling the chess pieces? And if so, how deep is Jeff Jarrett in it?

4. Sting/Nash

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    On the flip side of the coin, is Kevin Nash and Sting. The former N.W.O Wolfpack members have bonded over the same knowledge about Bischoff, Hogan, and Jarrett. What could be so bad that Sting would turn his back on his friend? Whatever it is, is it possible that Sting has had the monsters ear all this time? Abyss DID shove Hogan’s ring down his throat. Was that a symbol? A message?

5. WWE

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    Some people….are just stupid. I offer no apologies for this. But if you think WWE is the “they” that Abyss is speaking of, you’re dreaming. Hit the alarm as it goes off, pour yourself a hot cup of coffee and pour it on your lap. This will make sure you don’t have kids! It would be all over the news if WWE bought out TNA! Everyone and their mother would know about it! Sorry, but it’s not happening!

6 Fortune

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    Again, are we to trust someone swinging a club around? Someone that attacks people and puts them out of action?

    For this one, yeah.

    When Ric Flair said he wanted to rebuild The Horsemen and call it Fortune, somehow, I doubt Abyss was on the list of people Ric wanted to sign. Sure they’ve used it to their advantage, and who the hell could blame them? If some hulking monster was attacking my enemy, I would say he was in my corner, just to keep my enemy away. But is it possible that Abyss is simply trying to throw everyone off? Is Abyss playing mind games?


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    In the end, whoever “they” are, they are coming on 10/10/10. And they’ve promised to turn TNA upside down. And like many of you, I can’t wait to see it. We’re all interested to find out who “they” are. Even if you’re not a die hard fan, you still have to have some curiosity as to who “they” are. In any event, we’ll all know on 10/10/10.