What is the Most Desired MMA Fight of All Time?

Brandon HinchmanCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2010

In MMA, there have been a lot of great matchups.

Matt Hughes, BJ Penn and Georges St. Pierre have all fought each other multiple times, and Fedor Emelianenko fought Andrei Arlovski.

Anderson Silva fought Rich Franklin on two occasions, Randy Couture fought Brock Lesnar, and Matt Hughes took on the UFC legend Royce Gracie.

All of these fights were hyped and highly anticipated. Yet a longing for more has manifested itself in perpetuated Internet forums and polls surrounding dream matches that seem unlikely to ever happen due to contractual issues, lack of interest, or ducking an opponent altogether.

So what are some of the current dream matches that we long for?

Although there are many great fighters in MMA, there are four fighters that are most often talked about and often considered to be the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world. Here they are in alphabetical order.

Fedor Emelianenko

Record: 32-2-1

Although at times it may seem that the majority of MMA fans believe Fedor Emelianenko is the greatest MMA fighter of all time, there is nothing conclusive about this.

In fact, Emelianenko's "reign" is often completely dichotomized as many MMA fans believe he is nothing but a fraud who hand selects competition or even ducks potential opponents.

Without a doubt, though, Emelianenko has made former UFC heavyweight champions look dismal in comparison to his skill.

Take Kevin Randleman, who was submitted in under two minutes of Round One. Tim Sylvia, who lost to Emelianenko in 36 seconds of Round One, looked helpless against Emelianenko after being hit and then choked out. Then there's Andrei Arlovski, who held a speed advantage to Emelianenko but ended up incapacitated after 3:14 of Round One.

Of all the former UFC heavyweight champions, the only one able to put up a struggle after Round One was Mark Coleman, though it was the second time he and Emelianenko had fought. Coleman was submitted both times.

Emelianenko is clearly capable of knocking people out and submitting them, and recently we found that he is susceptible to losing, in particular being submitted. This hasn't destroyed the mystique that die hard Fedor fans have held for years, but, as he alluded to, it does make him seem human.

Still, many consider his 28 fight win streak and ability to dominate much larger opponents to be indicative of his being the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

Brock Lesnar

Record: 5-1

The main thing Lesnar is immediately recognized for is his size. However, the thing that makes him significant is how he uses that size to dominate his opponents.

Lesnar has had one loss, and it was at the hands of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu expert Frank Mir who was lucky in pulling off a submission on the big guy after getting a massive beat down. Lesnar wanted to set the record straight, so in a rematch against Mir, he made sure to give him and even worse beating than before.

Lesnar is a Division I NCAA wrestling champion, and has been a pioneer in demanding a new breed of competition in the UFC heavyweight division.

Although he still has a long way to go in his MMA career, Lesnar has had the opportunity to test his skills in a way few other fighters have: by facing some of the toughest UFC fighters in his first few fights.  

Frank Mir, Heath Herring, Randy Couture, and Shane Carwin are all excellent fighters, and although his career is still young, Lesnar has beaten every single one of the aforementioned fighters and poses a threat to any MMA fighter in the world.

Anderson Silva

Record: 27-4

Despite a poor performance against Chael Sonnen, Silva's stand up is second to none in the UFC and possibly in all of MMA. He has gone 12-0 in the toughest MMA organization in the world, and even after being considered down and out, Silva has gone on to surprise us with his heart.

Silva has been submitted, and recently he has shown more weakness on the ground than usual, but when it comes to striking, Silva may actually the best in MMA. He has seemingly knocked people out at will. 

For instance, in his UFC debut against tough-as-nails Chris Leben, he landed 100 percent of his strikes and ended the fight in Round One.

Many, many people consider Silva to be the current best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Despite having lost by submission a number of times, getting "The Spider" to the ground is a whole other matter, and he can clearly challenge anyone that the UFC throws at him and turn seemingly dismal fights around in surprising displays.

Georges St. Pierre

Record: 21-2

GSP has never lost to the same person more than once. In fact, he has returned to beat the two fighters that beat him, and one of them more than once.

GSP is notorious for having the best take downs in the UFC and possibly MMA altogether. He has out-wrestled and out grappled every one of his opponents, and he is a long running UFC welterweight title holder.

His only losses were to Matt Hughes and Matt Serra. Serra caught GSP and won by TKO, and Hughes submitted him once. GSP fought Serra again to reclaim his title and won decisively. After three fights against Hughes, GSP was victorious twice.

The thing about GSP is that he continues to get better. Ever since his Serra loss, nobody has been able to best him in any area of fighting, and if he does as well for the next few years, he has the potential to become the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.


The Most Desired Fight

The three most commonly desired combinations of these four fighters are as follows:

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brock Lesnar

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre

Of course, people have also contemplated what a fight between Brock Lesnar and Anderson Silva would be like, and even St. Pierre versus Emelianenko, but the three fights listed seem to be at the top of the heap at any given time.

Chances are that in due time, we may actually see Silva vs. GSP. Dana White had seemed to want it to happen, but after Silva mocked Demian Maia for five rounds, White said he didn't deserve to fight GSP. It doesn't make sense, but we still may get the fight as GSP has mentioned that he won't retire until beating, or at least fighting, Silva.

As for Emelianenko ever coming to the UFC, it seems to be a dismal affair as the "omniscient" M-1 Global seems unwilling to make a realistic bargain, or even take a great one for that matter. And Emelianenko himself has yet to speak for himself at any of these occasions.

Still, though, one can dream, and as far as the likelihood of any of these fights actually happening, it's completely up in the air.

My intention for this article is not so much to see who would win in any given scenario, but to get a feel for what the most desired fight of all time is. It's more out of personal interest than anything.

If we had our choice, which of these three fights would be the most desirable? Please vote in the poll and feel free to comment with which fight you would like to see amongst all others.


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