VideoGate Re-Opened: Roger Goodell's Anti-New England Bias

Mike AllenCorrespondent INovember 30, 2007

IconI had put it to bed—my continuing saga, VIDEOGATE, that is—deciding that enough was enough. 

I've already exposed Roger Goodell, the former New York Jet employee, turned big honcho of the NFL, for his one sided handling of the New England/Bill Belichick video camera incident.

I had done my part. I had said my piece. There was no use in carrying it on any further.

Until now.

What happened this past Monday Night, on a wet and treacherous field in Pittsburgh, and the Commissioner's silence and non-action, has provoked me to re-open the door.

It was a night that would end with former Dolphin running back Ricky Williams, making his return to the NFL after years of sitting by while he rehabilitated from his drug problems, injuring himself and perhaps ending his career a second time.  Of course, even after many incidents, involving drugs, the commissioner decided that Williams could return.

This hard line commissioner, who had a "get tough" policy, decided that Williams could return.  But, that is another story, for another day.

Today we shall open up the case of "The Silent Commissioner."

I made a point to watch the whole game, mainly because games that are played in deplorable weather conditions can produce thrilling moments that would not have occurred on a nice, warm and sunny afternoon in Texas Stadium, for example.

So, there I was, watching and waiting, while at the same time as I was hoping for a wet and wild game, I was, also, interested in seeing how Williams would do in his first game back in the NFL.

Of course, the field conditions might have a bearing, and as I expected, they did.

Midway through the game, Williams took the hand-off on a play that was to go up the middle.  He fumbled the ball after being hit.

It was then, and there, that the fun began.

In his exuberance to ensure that the Steelers made the recovery, Pittsburgh linebacker Lawrence Timmons leaped over tackle L.J. Shelton and appeared to be moving towards the ball to make recovery.

Instead, Timmons—accidently—ended up with his left cleat coming down in the middle of Williams back.  Or was it accidental? Could it have been deliberate?

At full speed, it appears to be just a normal case of one player making contact with another, albeit in this case, one of the players was prone on the turf while the other appeared to be rehearsing for "Dancing With The Stars" and, was just a bad dancer with very bad foot control.

But whoa—wait a moment there pilgrim.  Slow that tape down, zoom in close, and get a good look.

What you will see is Timmons making what appears to be a deliberate movement with his foot, and intentionally planting it in Williams' back for the purpose of pinning him to the ground which would allow the Steelers to recover the ball,and not Williams, himself.

At least, it appeared that way, on the slowed down tape of the play.

The next morning, after reviewing the play, NFL Commissioner announced that he was going to assess a hefty fine on Timmons, and suspend him for four games, for a deliberate attempt to injure another player.

You did see that report, didn't you?  It must have been in the sports pages, everywhere.

What, you missed it? 

Well, don't lose any sleep over it—there was no report.  There were no articles.  The commissioner, or the NFL, said nothing did nothing.  You know—see no evil, speak no evil?

Of course had it been, say, Vince Wilfork, or maybe Mike Vrabel, or even Rodney Harrison...well then, "Ok, buddy, you're gone for the season, and don't forget to leave a big check for your fine before you leave."

Timmons is a Steeler—A GOOD GUY.  The Flying Elvis logo, he is a BAD GUY, an enemy.

So, once again, in an indirect manner, commissioner Roger Goodell is destroying the sanctity of the NFL.  This time, by Non-Action, compared to his previous OVER-reactions.

Do I have a personal grudge against this commissioner?  You bet your bibby, I do.

Until he stops his one sided administration of fines and penalties, I will have no respect, at all, for Mister Roger Goodell, the vindictive commissioner of the National Football League.

As I said in an earlier article: 

It is time for the NFL Board Of Governors to consider removing Mr. Goodell, before he can cause any more damage.


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