The Bubs' Keys to TNA Victory Road 2010

Armando Sanchez, Jr.Contributor IJuly 9, 2010

31 Jul 1996: Kurt Angle of the United States holds the American flag at the free-style wrestling competition during the Summer Olympics at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.
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            TNA’s annual Victory Road is usually a pay-per-view event that does not garner much buzz or excitement every July. But this year, it adds a ton of intrigue and to be quite honest, some great matchups and great builds for each contest. I love TNA. Always have and always will. I have seen every episode of TNA dating back to June 19, 2002 when their weekly shows were on pay-per-view. So without further adieu, here is my preview for TNA Victory Road 2010. And for a trivia tidbit, what was the name of the first ever 3-hour pay-per-view event that TNA aired in November 2004? That’s right, VICTORY ROAD!


TNA World Heavyweight Championship in Fatal Four-Way

 Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson


            This match and the build for this program has been geared toward the proverbial Abyss heel turn. To be honest, it is about time Abyss turned back to the old monster he once was. He had some great matches in 2003 and 2004 with AJ Styles as a monster heel and some notable feuds with Sting and Christian Cage back in the day. Another side story is the storyline of Anderson and Hardy. You just know that this is slowly building to a monster feud with Hardy and Anderson. Anderson has plenty of material to be an asshole with Hardy and I can see Anderson just using all the negatives toward Hardy (drug abuse, court date, etc.) in future promos. And RVD, well, RVD is the champ and a cool one at that. He had a great match against Samoa Joe this week and that should plant the seeds for a wonderful feud down the line. Should be a fun match.

Predicted winner: Rob Van Dam


Ric Flair vs. Jay Lethal

            This is going to be Flair’s first match on pay-per-view in over two years. This is the biggest match of Lethal’s career, bar none. The promos leading up this match have been nothing short of awesome and entertaining. From the “Wooo” off to the beating of Lethal’s little brother, this is one match I am looking forward to. Lethal is surely coming into his own. This match should elevate Lethal to an even higher status in TNA. The question remains: Does Flair have another match in him? We’ll see come Sunday.

Predicted winner: Jay Lethal


Steel cage match

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs. “SuperMex” Hernandez

            We will finally see an end to this feud. I like both guys but for some reason this feud has not caught my interest one iota. I hope to see both men feud with other stars FINALLY. I see Hernandez winning here because I think a loss hurts SuperMex more than Morgan.

Predicted winner: “SuperMex” Hernandez


#10 Kurt Angle vs. #9 "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero in a Championship Contender match

            I like what Kurt is doing here. He is seemingly running a gauntlet against the ten best TNA has to offer. This creates new and fresh matchups for the next couple of months. Kurt says if he loses, he may just “hang it up” so with that being said, Kurt will win outright. But this will be one hell of a match. “The Pope” is a star waiting to happen and with a great match in this one, there is no doubt “Pope” can stake a claim for main eventer.

Predicted winner: Kurt Angle


TNA World Tag Team Championship

Motor City Machineguns (Shelley & Sabin) vs. Beer Money (Roode & Storm)

            These are two teams, and four guys for that matter, that can go. This is going to be one of he matches of the night if given the right amount of time. If they have 15 minutes, there is no doubt that this match can steal the show. I love both teams and I will be happy with whichever team prevails. But it is the Guns’ time for the titles.

Predicted winners: Motor City Machineguns (Shelley & Sabin)


Ultimate X & Submission match for the X Division championship

Doug Williams vs. Brian Kendrick

            I think it is time for Doug Williams to drop the title and maybe even join the Global title picture (where is that title and Rob Terry for that matter??). Kendrick is a great athlete and if given the chance can be a great X-Champion.

Predicted winner: Brian Kendrick (new champ!)


TNA Women’s Knockouts Championship

Knockouts champion Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love

            I like the fact that Angelina took out the members of the Beautiful People sans Rayne. I smell a turn by Love and rejoining the Beautiful People for one last hurrah before the proverbial breakup of that group. This should be a decent match given Angelina’s ability in the ring. Oh yeah, Love’s career is on the line.

Predicted winner: Angelina Love (new champ!)


A.J. Styles & Kazarian vs. Mystery Tag Team

            Good to see AJ and Kaz on the show! I sense that the Young Bucks or Red and Homicide will be the mystery team, feeders to AJ and Kaz. And they both will join “Fortune” anyway so they have to win. What if the mystery team are Samoa Joe and Desmond Wolfe? Hmmm, interesting but that would be a dumb move.

Predicted winners: A.J. Styles & Kazarian


Brother Ray vs. Brother Devon vs. Jesse Neal in a three-way match

            I had ZERO interest in this feud and match. That was until Devon’s great promo he did this past Thursday. I see some dissention between Team 3D and there are rumors of a breakup for the two. Neal has the look but he still needs some work. He has a bright future though. This one is tough to call.

Predicted winner: Brother Ray


            So there it is. My preview for TNA Victory Road 2010. Wow, no mention of Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Sting, Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett, Dixie Carter or “they.”  ECW, really? Well, that subject matter is for another time my friends.