Tonight's Monday Night Raw ... If I Was Writing It

John KindelanAnalyst IIIJune 14, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  A general view of the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

On the Smackdown vs. Raw video game, there is a General Manager Mode. I love this game. I, as well as I'm sure, other geeky WWE loyalists, play this game to make my own storylines, rivalries and really conduct the show. I get made fun of at my house for sitting down with a spiral notebook so I can keep track of rivalries, what matches I had, injuries, to keep my show fresh from week to week and to earn higher ratings.

Doing this and being a fan over the years, plus my love for the show, I think has put me in a great spot to be an excellent writer for the WWE. We are coming up on the next pay-per-view, Fatal 4 Way, and this is the last Raw before the event. Here's how I feel the show should play out, using as much of the roster as possible and build the storyline up for the event and the fall out after.

Rather than a breakdown of every little thing that will happen in the show with the guest host, backstage interviews, I'm moving right to 'booking the card' (scheduling the matches in wrestling terms.)

For the WWE Championship:



The only match thus far set for the PPV, Cena vs. Edge vs. Orton vs. Sheamus in a Fatal 4 Way for the WWE championship.

Last week, we saw the attack on Cena from the NXT rookies, so we know he's hurting, we know Randy Orton is also hurting, so we go with the classic WWE move on how to build hype when four guys are against each other, we see if they can work together.

Tag Team match: Cena and Orton vs. Sheamus and Edge

You put the two hurt guys with no love loss for each other on the same team to go against Edge and Sheamus, the heels in this story. This allows the play up of the Orton and Cena injuries and, I'm thinking, the turning on one another of Edge and Sheamus. Most likely ending in a no contest with one guy (probably Edge) standing over the bodies of the other three, giving a sense of whats to come at Fatal 4 Way.

For The US Championship:



R-Truth beating The Miz is sure to have the Miz wanting a rematch, but I can see Morrison coming to his occassional tag team partner, R-Truth, and asking for a friendly shot at the title. Enter general manager Bret Hart. He says he thinks the two of them should face each other to see who gets the shot; BUT, he was really impressed with Evan Bourne two weeks ago and was sad he didn't get to see him preform last week, so throw in Bourne to make it a triple threat match.

Triple Threat Match: Bourne vs. The Miz vs. Morrison

The three would be fantastic together; Miz and Morrison battles have been great in the past and Bourne is always an entertaining performer. Throw him in and you'll have the match that steals the show. It can end in a disqualification, thus having no real single winner, forcing the match of a fatal 4 way for the US Championship at the event on Sunday.

Tag Team Division



The Hart Dynasty has a budding rivalry with the new team of the Usos. Perhaps they approach Bret Hart to get a shot at them in the ring, but are interrupted by MVP and Mark Henry who want a shot at the tag titles and don't feel the Usos have earned the shot.

Enter Santino Marella, because he must be on every Raw. He tells the guest host he is upset with him, because he has formed a tag team with Vladamir Kozlov and they were going to call themselves 'De Royale Pains' but they can't because of his show. So our guest host gives the fans a taste of Fatal 4 Way and has the four teams in a match and whomever gets the pin faces the Hart Dynasty at the PPV; if Hart Dynasty wins, they can choose their opponent.

Hart Dynasty vs. Usos vs. Henry & MVP vs. Santino & Kozlov (De Royale Pains)

A quick match with the Usos getting the victory over Santino and Koslov and the obligatory stare down between the Hart Dynasty and the USOs.

I'm sure, at this point, we wold need a Diva battle, but with so much other big stuff to be done with the show, it doesn't rank up there. We possibly get another Fatal 4 Way or maybe a triple threat (that they can call a Menage à trois?) with Maryse, Gail Kim and Jillian, winner goes on to fight Eve at the PPV.

The NXT rookies assault addressed.




The rookies come out to make a statement that they feel they are better than all of the WWE roster. To prove it, they took out John Cena and literally tore the house down on RAW last week. While Cena is the 'Franchise' and man to beat on RAW , on Smackdown , the biggest dog in the yard is The Undertaker.

They reveal that they're responsible for taking out 'Taker and that they plan on continuing their assault on WWE until they eventually dominate and take over the show. Kane's music and pyro hit, boom! The monster on the mic says something to the effect, "You might have taken out the poster boy from RAW , but you didn't take out the monster!"

I'd also like to see him carry it to the PPV, maybe telling the rookies to pick four of their group and he'll take them on at the event, because for 4 of them that night will be FATAL! Rookies attack, taking Kane down after he puts up a good fight. We can't have them lose after they defeated Cena.

Now, if it was totally up to me, I'd have not only Kane be defeated tonight, but I'd want it to look as though his face is injured. The rookies walk away, thinking they've taken out the monster. However we see him covering his face and then begins laughing. Bwahahahaha the return of the masked monster KANE!

Yes, I've been pushing for Kane to put his mask back on for two years, but I really think a masked Kane is much scarier than the unmasked Kane. Plus, it keeps with the PG rating, making him more of a supernatural comic book-like monster than just a man bent on hurting people.