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Winners, Losers from WWE Raw

By Erik Beaston (Photo: Credit: WWE.com)

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    Live: WWE Monday Night Raw

    by The Doctor Chris Mueller

    4 days ago The show ends with Rollins holding his title up over the body of Ambrose. This was a decent episode of Raw. There was some good action, Paige returned and Kevin Owens made a huge statement. What did you think of the show?

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    WWE Raw Potential Spoilers, Rumors

    by Ryan Dilbert

    Payback left several of the squared circle's superheroes bruised and busted open, but the May 18 edition of WWE Raw offers no respite; the build to Elimination Chamber is already underway... Read More »

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    WWE Superstar Power Rankings

    by Alex Musso

    WWE Payback 2015 is officially in the books, and the WWE Superstar Power Rankings have seen a number of changes in the aftermath of the latest pay-per-view... Read More »

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    WWE Raw Winners, Losers and Moments

    by Erik Beaston

    For Dean Ambrose, the final episode of Raw on the road to this weekend's Payback pay-per-view was not only a homecoming but also a watershed moment in his most recent main event push... Read More »

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    Winners, Grades for WWE Monday Night Raw

    by Erik Beaston

    The go-home edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, just six days away from WWE Payback, featured the return of Triple H, the goodbye of Daniel Bryan and Neville's attempt to continue proving his worth to th... Read More »