TNA Global Championship: Is It Really Needed?

Bradley HicksContributor IJune 3, 2010

TNA's Global Championship (formally TNA Legends Championship) has been in hot debate lately. Mainly, whether it is actually a worthy title.

There is an easy answer for this, No, it is not a worthy, credible title. A title that is a little over a year old, even less if you discount it's run as the Legends Championship, there is no history, no prestige, nothing. It is a new mid card belt.

But hang on, that's just it - It is a mid-card belt, yet it is called the GLOBAL Championship. How does this differ from the World Championship? I know all the WWE fans are cringing right now because I am about to ask a question of them - How is an Intercontinental Title different from a World Title?

Well, let me answer that, The Intercontinental Title was aptly named because it unified the North American title, the South American Title and the European title. However, no unification of any overseas titles was made for the Global Championship. Eric Young took it upon himself to name it that (kayfabe) - just so he did not have to defend it on American soil - furthering his heel turn.

I do beleive that TNA needs this belt, this Title. However I feel that it could be better used. Currently, there are three Male Singles Titles up for grabs. With the vast amount of talent at TNA's disposal, I do not feel they need to drop a title. They do need to give it credibility. And the easiest way to do that is with TIME...

I hear a lot of people calling it a worthless title, there is no pride wearing the Global belt. However, give it time - that is what gives a title respect. It seems TNA actually IS listening to the IWC, and the are doing one thing right that so many bleachers have called for. That is give wrestlers a solid title run to bring back the respect for the belts. So that is what they are doing - yet in the past week or two I have seen at least two articles and countless comments on why Rob Terry should lose the belt. Is that not a contradiction? I am not a fan of the Global title - I personally think this secondary belt is required - however I feel it could be better used.

I want to know what the Bleacher Nation thinks - what you guys REALLY think about the Global title, now you have read this. Please let me know and comment.