Walter Herrmann Could Still Be an Option for the Detroit Pistons

Tony WichowskiCorrespondent IJuly 18, 2008

Joe Dumars has stated that there is a 50-50 chance that a trade will happen by day one of training camp. With that in consideration, it seems to reason that next on the Pistons' agenda should be finding a suitable backup small forward for Tayshaun Prince.

It is possible that rookie Walter Sharpe will not be ready to replace Jarvis Hayes in the Pistons' rotation. While Arron Afflalo will most certainly get some minutes at the three spot, he will primarily be the team's backup shooting guard, especially if Chauncey Billups is traded and Rodney Stuckey moves full time to point guard.

Several players the Pistons have targeted for the backup small forward spot have already signed with other teams. Ricky Davis is still on the market, and while he could help, he is probably looking for a team where he could be a starter and revitalize his career.

Maurice Evans (a former Piston) is another option. However, he too is said to be looking for a starting role, or at least starter's money. The Boston Celtics could also look to sign Evans in an effort to soften the blow from losing James Posey to New Orleans. Davis (a former Celtic) is also an option for them.

The Pistons might do well to simply re-sign their own free agent, Walter Herrmann. He has great range, some driving ability, and can also play power forward. He can put up a ton of points in a hurry. Best of all, he is a defensive energy guy, the type of player that would get minutes under new coach Michael Curry.

He was not given many opportunities last season after being traded from the Charlotte Bobcats. Former Pistons coach Flip Saunders did not want to mess with his rotation too much in the middle of the season. 

There is no questioning Herrmann's talent and work ethic, even if his style appears a bit awkward at times. The Detroit Pistons might be wise to give him another look.

Tony Wichowski is a writer for the Bleacher Report and the Host of "That's real Sports Talk" on the Godly Network