Marquis Teague Commits to Kentucky

Christopher ChavezAnalyst IIApril 22, 2010

The Calipari Clan has expanded. According to ESPN , the No. 4 ranked player from the Class of 2011 has decided to commit to Kentucky. He joins Brandon Knight, Doron Lamb, and Michael Gilchrist as the last four players to become a part of John Calipari's future squad in Lexington.

Teague was down to a couple schools before joining Kentucky. He had Louisville, Indiana, Cincinnati, and Purdue on his short list of colleges. The reason he chose Kentucky was because of John Calipari's reputation as a winning coach.

He told ESPN , "He's going to let you make plays. He's a winning coach and he's got the background to prove it."

Rick Pitino may have been the guy to knock out by Calipari, because Marquis' father played for Pitino at Boston University.

"His mom and I wanted it to be his decision" said Shawn Teague to ESPN . The ovation when Louisville takes on Kentucky in a few years will not be too good for Teague.

Calipari created NBA Standouts like Tyreke Evans, Derrick Rose, and the next possible two could be John Wall and Brandon Knight. Teague is a point guard, which could hint at a possible replacement in case Brandon Knight is another "one and done" player.

Teague is ready for any challenge that may come his way and has been called one of the most mature players in his class by several recruits and scouts. 

Marquis hopes to be better than his brother, Jeff, who is in the NBA and plays for the Atlanta Hawks. That would be great for the Wildcats!

Calipari was brought to Lexington as the Messiah! He was sent to bring Kentucky fans a National Championship. He came up short in his first year. He will get it done some time in the future. Kentucky can soon start to have their team motto be: "The Future is Now."