Ben Is Guilty Of Being a Poor Employee

Chad SmithContributor IOctober 10, 2016

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Should he be suspended?  Should he be traded?  Should he get counselling?  So many opinions on courses of actions to take, character opinions, and what it means to the Steelers.

Remember when Ben was drafted?  Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, and then good ol Big Ben  the top 3 QB's.  I watched the draft that year. When Ben slid down to my beloved Steelers and they called his name I jumped out of my chair running around screaming and yelling!  I was so happy!!  The end of Kordell Stewart and Tommy Maddux began that day!!  Whooo hooo!  Ok back on point..........the reason I am sharing this memory is because that is one of many I have of Ben.  Two Super bowls later its Six-burgh baby!  Well the Steelers seemed to have gotten the better QB back on that draft day or did they???

Yes Ben has two Super Bowl rings but were they won as a direct result of his play?  The first SB win with Ben at the helm was a joke.  Ben had one of his worst games in that Super Bowl.  Lowest QB rating of any winning SB winner. 

The second I will give him some props.  The drive at the end to win the 2008 Super Bowl was outstanding much like the winning touchdown pass from Eli Manning to Plaxico Burress.  So lets say 1-1 Manning vs. Big Ben and the jury is still out on Rivers (I do believe Rivers will get his first in the next 3 years.)

Finally we bring in the character of these three men.   What was the last article you have read about Rivers and Manning in during the off season???  Ben has taken the spotlight from them hands down in this department.........and not in a good way.

These QB's are paid MILLIONS of dollars to be field generals on and off the field.  When you are the face of a franchise and are paid these salaries you ARE responsible for your actions at all times.  When you bring the kind of negative press to an organization, like the Steelers and NFL, there will be consequences.  So please don't say he doesn't deserve to be suspended or traded.  If you, as an employee, jeopardize the well-being of your employer they have the right to fire you, suspend you, etc. because they have policies in place to protect themselves.  Ben was well aware of these policies so I do not feel sorry for him.  A 28yr old million dollar man does not need to be having "relations" inside a crumby under 21 bar in a college town.  Grow up Ben.

Whether it is fair or not to be held to these high standards doesn't matter.  These athletes know before they are HIRED that the rules, standards, and policies are strict and personal conduct is highly valued.