Some Here and There. Denver Broncos Edition

Benjamin RichardsonContributor IApril 2, 2010

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - FEBRUARY 06:  (L-R) members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2010 Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith and Floyd Little pose for a group photo during the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2010 Press Conference held at the Greater Ft. Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center as part of media week for Super Bowl XLIV on February 6, 2010 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
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The many times Ive explained how trading Marshall for a college player who has yet to perform at the pro level and pay the college player what we should to Marshall as a bad move is starting to show up. The Vets who eventually make the hall and those who didn't who helped those who did make it should get paid.

Denver just traded for Brady quinn. Looking at video it is clear how important Marshall was to the value of Cutler on the market. He even made Kyle Orton look legit. He is that good. When you have aplayer who has consistantly shown he has the ability to perform above average at a pro level you DO NOT trade him.

There have been numerous picks that have been bust. No one really can tell who is going to be great in the NFL. Marshall has for 3 years been arguably the best in the west.

The Fitzgerald of the AFC. Why on Earth would Anyone , ANYONE trade a receiver of that caliber. regardless if you believe you can replace the production and attention fro opposing defenses that Marshall gives you. Then you are an IDIOT.

SECOND: why doesn't Denver try to acquire Bradford for development? Send Brady Quinn or Tom Branstater with the #11 and like a 7th rounder for the #1 pick in this daft? get BRADFORD and stop having to look for a FRANCHISE QB. Even McD needs that. With Quin coming in for so cheap it is not like Denver will be losing a whole lot to move up. St.Louis still gets a QB and can move down so save some money. they also acquire an 7th rounder or maybe 6th to add more depth.  THIS wont happen. but hey its a thought.

KNOWSHON MORENO: This is where I think the kid shows his true talent. This is MY FAVORITE BRONCO as Ive stated numerous times. The kid just oozes talent. He had an ok 1st year and showed glimpses of greatness. If this kid can get things moving with a bigger line he will surely free up more passing threats. If Denver kept Marshall it would allow Quinn or Orton to have a threat in the passing game freeing up KNOWSHON for more.

Denver cannot afford to continue to lose the quality of players that they have been willing to part with all to easy as of late. Should Denver truly hope to be playoff bound in the next year or so they cannot just upgrade the defense.

The continuous downgrades on offense will come back to haunt them. Should Oakland get Mcnabb, and KC continue the very similar path DENVER as taking the NEW ENGLAND route. Things in the AFC WEST could become difficult for Denver to keep up with.

The Defense will be better than last year. Thats scary. Also sad. With out a offense to match its almost pointless to get excited. we can stop teams from scoring but wont be able to score our selves. There were many games where we did that last year. It was a new kind of heart break. Shanny never had troubles scoring. He just would let the defense be handled by someone else. other wise Cutler would still be a Bronco, Marshall would be also and we would still have an identity.

However I actually hope McD works out. I like the kid. Great football mind. His personal skills may or may not need some work. No matter what he cant keep going against the wishes of the fan base. Should he continue that Pat Bowlen will have to get rid of him just to kep the quality of fans DENVER HAS.

Once again this is just some amblings but someone in Dove Valley has to start taking into account simple things can mean alot to a franchise. We dont want to feel like some lesser teams have for a many era.

Lets hope McD reads or at least listens to some of the press out there. Or The Denver Patriots may have a hard time for years to come.