Raiders Actively Looking for a QB

Paul RaymondCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2010

Over the past week we’ve heard numerous times how the Oakland Raiders were going after Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, well now reports are coming out that they’ve also contacted the Minnesota Vikings about Sage Rosenfels. When I heard the McNabb reports, I thought Ok, this is a team doing what they should do when there is a possibility of adding a Pro Bowl quarterback. But now that I hear that the Raiders also contacted the Vikings I’m thinking there actively searching for an upgrade. Can anyone blame them?

Former first overall pick JaMarcus Russell is starting to, correction is in fact looking like a bust. He’s done nothing over three seasons that have shown that he’ll ever be a solid NFL starting quarterback. He hasn’t even done much to show that he could be a solid CFL starting quarterback.

There are even conflicting reports now about his weight, with some even saying he weighs close to 290 pounds. If that report is true, what kind of dedication to improving his game does Russell have??? To me that says not much and if that’s the case how can the Raiders go into the 2010 season with him battling to be the number one guy???

It’s simple, they can’t and that’s why they are being tied to every available quarterback on the market.

Unfortunately for the Raiders I don’t see a solution to their problem anytime soon as both, the Eagles and Vikings, are in no rush to make a deal. The Eagles are content on taking their time in evaluation all offers for McNabb and the Vikings well, they can’t make a move till they know what’s up with Brett Favre. Matter a fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Eagles themselves wait for Favre to make his decision.

So what can the Raiders do to speed things along? Nothing, they’re stuck.

What I think they can do thou is draft a quarterback in the middle rounds to challenge Russell. They could easily find a QB in the 3rd to 5th round that would probably give them just as much production as he does. Maybe some competition will get his mind right and I’m sorry Bruce Gradkowski is not competition. He’s an improvement but not someone you’d want to lead your team.

While its nice to hear that the Raiders are finally attempting to improve their offense it will be weeks till we know what happens. With the names of Donovan McNabb and Brett Favre involved this is a true soap opera that unfortunately will not end anytime soon.