MotoGP Now in HD, but Is 3D Viewing Soon To Follow?!

PastaContributor IMarch 25, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS - AUGUST 29:  Valentino Rossi of Italy rides the #46 Fiay Yamaha Team during qualifying for the MotoGP Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on August 29, 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

In case you haven't heard yet, the 2010 MotoGP season will be available in High Definition for the very first time this year. It'll be streamed across the world on the following networks:

Within Europe

RTL Club (Belgium)
Eurosport (France)
Sport TV (Portugal)
Digisport (Hungary)
Viasat (Scandinavia)

Outside Europe

Speed TV (US)
ESPN (Latin America)
Globosat (Brazil)
One HD (Australia)
StarHub (Singapore)
Sky (New Zealand)
Al Jazeera (Middle East)
ESPN Star Sports (Asia)
Supersport (Africa)

As a huge fan of both MotoGP and HD television, I'm so glad to finally see this happening. HD is slowly becoming the only way to watch, well, anything! No matter what the sport may be, the experience of watching an event in high definition gives me exactly that, a high!

Fantastic, right? I'm definitely excited for it! has also mentioned that 3D technology could be coming to the sport in he near future as well.

3D?! Yes, three dimensional motorcycle racing.

As so many people are slowly getting on board by actually paying for the appropriate equipment to view HD channels, we now are getting introduced to this new 3D technology in theatres and with television sets. Now don't get me wrong, I love evolving and revolutionary technology and gadgets, but to me this particular project seems awfully ridiculous.

Why would I want to sit in front of my TV with glasses on when I don't need glasses to see normally? That's not comfortable!

Why would I want to see motorcycles or a hockey game in 3D? That's just weird!

As these televisions make their debut and slowly hit homes across the world, more and more people will become a slave to it. Literally! Since you need to wear those glasses to view anything, you can't do anything else while watching 3D. As if many of us aren't already a slave to our television sets, this will make things even worse.

Now of course, that's "regular" 3D. There's been some rambling about 3D sets that don't require the glasses to view it. And let me just say this, imagine watching whatever you want to watch, and then your eyes seeing everything blurry. No, I'm not talking about just your actual vision going blurry, but the actual picture. The televisions I've seen with this technology just aren't as clear, from all angles, as a nice new LCD or Plasma screen.

So please, MotoGP, NHL, and all other sports considering doing this: DON'T! Leave it to the fantasy and children's movies on the big screen.