Why the Dallas Mavericks Need More Roddy Buckets Heading To the Playoffs

DeRod HaffordContributor IMarch 25, 2010

Right now the Dallas Mavericks have no balance, too many jump shooters and not enough guards who play solid defense and attack the basket to draw fouls.

However, they do have a sensation in rookie Rodrigue Beaubois, a.k.a Roddy Buckets. He's fast, he attacks the basket, makes threes, gets alley-oops, draws fouls, plays good defense, blocks shots, gets steals, and shoots a high percentage

What more does this poor guy have to do to touch the hardwood?

Ray Charles can see that if you don't attack the rim,then you can't get easy baskets,shoot free throws,free up your shooters,or get the other team in foul trouble.
Dallas is 1st in the NBA in free throw percentage but, in the bottom 5 for attempts.If you are unable to draw fouls then teams are gonna play more aggressive defense in the 2nd half.

 Rick Carlisle is not taking advantage when teams overplay Dirk, the paint is wide open but Terry and Barea only take jumpers. So, whats the point in having Dirk who creates so many mismatches if you don't have players on the court who will take advantage and attack the basket?

Roddy Buckets is just what the Mavs need to add that swagger to a team full of jump shooters. He brings an element to the game that no other Mavericks guard can.

Sadly, Roddy is buried on the bench behind Jason Terry and J.J. Barea, who both play terrible defense and get burned on the regular.

Most people will blame Dirk Nowitzki for the Mavericks' defensive shortcomings, even though he has averaged one steal and one block per game for his entire career.

But it's not the player Dirk is guarding who burns them, it's the guards. Andre Miller scored a career-high 52 points against Dallas this season.

Has anyone ever really watched Eric Dampier play? You should watch him sometime, he will give you a few chuckles.

The guy won't hustle and blows easy baskets, either because he misses the dunk or fumbles the ball out of bounds.

Every team I can think of that has won a championship has had a pretty solid center who averages a double-double or at least double digits in one category. Dampier averages five points and six rebounds in the playoffs.

Luckily Dallas brought in Brendan Haywood to replace the aging Dampier. The Mavs' new center also has had his slumps but has shown signs of life the last couple of games.

If Haywood keeps racking up the double-doubles, then the Mavericks will be hard to beat.

Also, Carlisle needs to run more plays for Shawn Marion down in the post; he will get a high-percentage shot. Marion also is a good rebounder and plays good defense.

Dallas has a solid team that just needs to make a few minor tweaks on offense and defense and they will be just fine in the playoffs.


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