With Seantrel Henderson's Signing, Are the USC Trojans Avoiding NCAA Trouble?

Jon SarverCorrespondent IMarch 23, 2010

It has been said that good things come to those who wait.  After several long weeks of speculation revolving around NCAA sanctions,  Seantrel Henderson made it official at inked his letter of intent.  "We just signed and faxed everything in," said Sean Henderson. "It's official. Seantrel is now a USC Trojan. Fight On!"

What does this signing say to those who are gleefully anticipating the Trojans doom when the NCAA announced their findings?  Does it mean the program will avoid the death penalty?  Does it mean the Trojan cheerleaders will ditch their uniforms and wear sweat suits?  Does it mean the horse will retire!  No!

Stop the presses: The Trojans are not dead yet!

Would Henderson or any other of Rivals' No. 1 class have signed on the dotted line if they knew Trojan life was coming to an untimely end?

Would Monte Kiffin come to a program that was going into the hole?

Would Ed Orgeron leave his southern roots to come back to SC with imminent sanctions looming?

Would Lane Kiffin knowingly gamble his credibility with everyone in college football to come to a program that would handcuff his ability to produce a national championship in a market that ignores anything less? 

Would Kiffin had been able to bring in a coaching staff that by everybody's account is far superior to anything Pete Carroll has been able to put together for the last few years?

This writer doesn't think so!

The fact is that Lane Kiffin has put together one of the best college football staffs in recent memory.  The coaches on the Trojan staff ooze "you can compete in the NFL if you come play for me."  This is reason number one why a "hated" coach from the SEC was able to pull off such a great class.

And, this class was recruited by Lane, Dad and Ed!  The other great coaches were not yet committed to piloting the Trojans when the class was recruited.

Instead of thinking the Trojans are dead, maybe they are headed for even greater heights!

Is that possible after Pete Carroll?  Yes!  John Robinson did it after John McKay for several years, and he didn't have near the quality of staff Kiffin enjoys!  While USC fans might remember their displeasure with Kiffin over the offense after our "little" Bruin left Trojan Land. 

Most Trojan fans remember the last decade as sustained excellence like we haven't seen at the Coliseum since the late 70's!

While people were lamenting Kiffin's upgrade under Carroll, true Trojan fans were hearkening back to 20 horrible years of Trojan football under  "Terrible" Ted Tollner,  Larry (Arizona) Smith, J. Rob (2), and Paul Hackett.

Just what under Kiffin's first USC stint reminded you of that?   

During those years many fans were given USC tickets to almost every game they attended. To be sure there were a few Rose Bowls and some wins too! 

USC was better than UCLA (most of the time), but not a national player.  Since Lane Kiffin arrived on the scene the first time, things have changed!

You can debate it all you want.  You can trash USC and the selection of Lane Kiffin.  But, the facts speak for themselves.  A great recruiting class in three weeks and one of the best coaching staffs put together in recent history means Trojan fans have reason to be hopeful!

Let the hating begin!

About the writer: Jon Sarver is the co-founder of Fanrevolt.net , a site that is committed to Dumping the BCS and demanding a college football playoff.  Check it out if you are tired of the current BCS system and want a change now!