Ken's Top NHL Writers All-Star Team

Ken ArmerSenior Writer IJuly 9, 2008

I know what you are all thinking, scraping for something to write about and you are right on!

Like the NHL, there are a lot of different personalities on Bleacher Report, so I got to thinking what players on each team remind me slightly of their Bleacher Report Writer.

Some of you were easy, others were down right hard. If you’re not on the list and you know I see plenty of your stuff, let me know and I'll add you. I went by the NHL Top 25 writers; 50 was just too many. Enjoy!

1. Alan Bass: Simon Gagne. The Flyers writer writes a lot and is basically unstoppable on the ice, much like his player counterpart. Only an injury slows this guy down. Can anyone say Carpal Tunnel?

2. Me: Leave comments below about who you think I am. If anyone puts Scott Niedermayer—because he’s older and boring and should retire—I'm coming after you!

3. Robert McGee: Rod Brind‘Amour. The Hurricanes writer is an established writer who even with younger talent in the "league" is still an established leader.

4. Derek Harmsworth: Bryan McCabe. An established Maple Leaf with lots of wisdom to pass on to youth. Stability never looked so good in the NHL section, now if only the Maple Leafs could find stability in a player like the NHL section has in Derek.

5. Bryan Thiel: Mats Sundin. Bryan seems to have left the NHL section for the MLB section. I suppose the Jays are more interesting than the NHL this time of year. Likely to be labeled a traitor. Just kidding, a veteran with respect "league" wide and a noted scorer(articles) and player(writer). When Mats and Bryan speak, people listen.

6. John Arvai: Rick Nash. For real, 281 articles! This guy is a machine like his player counterpart. Someone slow him down!

7. Francois Gendron: Steve Begin. Francois is also very active in the other sections on Bleacher Report, but even his with "invisibility" at times an important backbone to a very popular Montreal section in the NHL area.

8. Greg Caggiano: Marcus Naslund. Both have funny last names and are new captains in the ways of the Blue-shirts. Both are also excited to get the season underway for their Rangers.

9. M. MacDonald Hall: Dion Phaneuf. Her brain-hurting quizzes frustrate even the most seasoned of veterans, much like Phaneuf's fists and hits. A valued part of an improving section. Without M, the Flames section would likely go down in Flames, much like the team without its important D-man.

10. MJ Kasprzak: Jeremy Roenick. Adds an all-important flare to the Sharks section. His production doesn't even have to be large for him to make an impression. A valued teacher to new writers and another veteran people listen to when he speaks.

11. Matt Eichel: Saku Koivu. Another seasoned veteran with lots of knowledge to bless his section with. The Montreal section's flash lies in every bit of an article by Matt. Every article shows his passion for his team, much like Koivu's goals show the same for the Canadiens.

12. Eric Kuzmiak: Evgeni Malkin. Sometimes outshined by other writers, but the love for the game is always seen. Eric, like Malkin, leaves it all out there on the ice in every article. A valued leader in the section. Eric acted as a CL for the section long before he was given it, much like Malkin is a type of captain without the C.

13. Shane Giroux: Milan Hejduk. An important writer with deep devotion to his team. A silent leader in the section.

14. Navin Vaswani: Vesa Toskala.  Since the writer clearly can't stand Andrew Raycroft. I went on a limb hoping he likes the Maple Leafs' starter.

15. Ryan: Ryan Miller. With a writer who only goes by his first name, I needed a Ryan who can also stand on his first name. When it comes to a goalie, no Ryan is more familiar to any hockey fan than Ryan Miller. A young writer who, like his goalie counterpart, is growing every day into an accomplished writer and making a name as one of the best.

16. Tim Parent: Don Cherry.  I've never seen too much team bias as far as Tim writes, I'm pretty sure he's a Toronto fan, so I'd say he's Cherry. Hell, look at the guy's picture...looks like something Cherry would enjoy.

17. Chris Bouthillier: Chris Phillips. Devoted and experienced and both are named Chris, how about that? Anyway, Chris' sacrifices to be one of the best writers on BR is much like Chris Phillips' sacrifices as a defenseman.

18. Henry Dyck: Chris Osgood. Sometimes outshined by other Red Wing writers, Henry is a constant, much like his goaltender. Plus, in his profile he says he's 34 and Osgood is 35, so I figured it was a good fit.

19. Josh Lewis: Pavel Kubina. A constant part in the Leafs section, his almost daily articles have helped keep Leafs' buzz alive during the long offseason. Kubina is a stable part of the defensive corps who has earned the title of being a top player. Both deserve limelight for accomplishments in the blue and white.

20. Adam Wright: Darcy Tucker. I'm not sure Adam has written a serious article yet, his satire brings a much needed smile to the NHL section. Why Tucker? He makes his point doing whatever it takes, largely to the humor of the audience. Adam is an avid wrestling fan, much like Tucker is an avid boxing fan (on the ice).

21. Brian Kates: Nicklas Lidstrom. With a name like "The Captain," I'm not one to dispute it. A valuable leader to the Red Wings section who came alive following the Wings in their cup hunt, much like Lidstrom did.

22. Daniel Sallows: Miikka Kiprusoff. Regardless of being a highly noted figure in the Calgary Flames section, he keeps it alive as the section grows. Much like the goaltender who has seen the good and the bad through with the Flames, Sallows looks to make the Flames section much better.

23. Ian Robinett:  Brendan Morrow. Neither one is the first name you think of, in writing or scoring, but both do it well. Ian enjoys some WWE in his free time, and Morrow enjoys some MMA-type checks on the ice. Close enough for me to be happy. Both come alive in the playoffs.

24. Dave McCarthy: Mark Bell. Not being much of a Leafs fan, this one got me to thinking. I don't see much of Bell, the only thing that comes to me is his check on Daniel Alfredsson. Dave's articles are always hits, and are always memorable and thought inspiring. Much like Alfredsson after the hit, he won't forget it (or he can't remember it) and it makes you think.

25. NYI Fan Central: Since its a blog, I'm overlooking it, and going to take a jab at a friend of mine instead:

25. Danielle Marchell: Joe Thornton. Besides the fact the girl is basically insane for the guy...both are great leaders and classic Sharks. Both have stuck through the thick and thin. She showed me a picture of her from prom doing the Shark "chomp" for real...that's a serious fan.

Others: Miah D.: Carey Price. Not only is the young goaltender her favorite, Miah is without a doubt the ultimate defense when it comes to all those who oppose the Canadiens. Plus, I think if I picked any other player, she'd be unhappy.

Now that I have finished with you writers, let me know what you think of my impressions of you. Plus, which Ducks player am I?