Cristiano Ronaldo's Cousin Dies Tragically, More Tragedy for CR9 Lately!

Angela AsanteCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2010

News broke in late on Thursday as Cristiano Ronaldo's cousin was reported to have died of a car accident.

This is the third tragedy that has hit Cristiano Ronaldo in the space of four weeks.

Late in February, Cristiano Ronaldo's hometown Madeira was hit with mudslides and over 40 people lost their lives, while hundreds of other people were left homeless and in despair.

On Wednesday, Cristiano Ronaldo saw his dream of lifting the Champions League trophy fade away after Real Madrid lost to Lyon.

Fresh reports also confirmed that Los Blancos' team spirit is now divided.

Now, yesterday, Ronaldo's cousin died accidentally.

What is actually going on for the world's most expensive player? Cristiano Ronaldo's world seems to fall apart. Does he has the strength to build it up again?

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