Terrell Owens: Breaking Down 31 Potential Suitors

Kevin Roberts@BreakingKevinSenior Writer IMarch 11, 2010

TORONTO - DECEMBER 3: Braylon Edwards #17 of the New York Jets and Terrell Owens #81 of the Buffalo Bills look on during a stop in play at Rogers Centre on December 3, 2009 in Toronto, Canada.  (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Could Edwards and Owens be teammates in 2010? Nah.

It's that time again. Time for a good, hard look around the league, quickly analyzing all the options remaining for a big-name free agent.

This time around, it's Terrell Owens . Again.

We scoured over all the options last year when Owens was released by the Cowboys, and virtually nobody thought of the Buffalo Bills, and even if they did, they couldn't seriously commit to the idea of it happening.

Well, it did happen, and now with the Cincinnati Bengals signing Antonio Bryant (and not T.O.) to a four-year deal, Owens is left in the dark, without a team again.

Here's a look at every team not named Cincinnati, and how they could potentially (or not at all) fit with Terrell Owens:


Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins need a stud receiver, and history tells us Bill Parcells doesn't like throwing first-round draft picks and cocky question marks (Dez Bryant , anyone?).

Signing T.O. to a relatively cheap, one or two-year deal is the next best thing, as the Dolphins could squeeze all of his speed and talent that's left out of him.

Verdict: Realistic


New York Jets

The Jets just made a splash by getting Antonio Cromartie, so what's stopping them? They could let Jerricho Cotchery slip to the third option and have Braylon Edwards and T.O. as their top starters.

Then again, who wants two guys who drop the ball just as often as they make big plays?

Verdict: Unnecessary


New England Patriots

Could this be the long-awaited joining of the "two 81's"? With Randy Moss waiting on his last year to end so he can get some big money (either in New England or elsewhere), the Patriots could take a shot in the dark and hope Owens and Moss can push their offense over the hump.

Wes Welker's status is far from certain, and beyond Moss, all the Patriots really have is Julian Edelman. We love the little converted quarterback, and we're sure the Patriots will draft a receiver or two (thinking of you, Jordan Shipley ), but why not take a small risk on Owens for a year?

It'd cover them at the position, and they'd still be able to build for next year through the draft, while waiting for Welker to get back to full health.

Verdict: Crazy enough to work


Buffalo Bills

This would only make sense, as Buffalo definitely needs help at receiver (again), but the Bills probably learned from what they saw last season.

Owens may have something left, but it's likely not enough for the Bills to care. They'll draft at the position and start over.

Verdict: Less likely than you think


Baltimore Ravens

They added Dante' Stallworth and Anquan Boldin, and a recent report has Derrick Mason returning for 2010. The window for adding T.O. has officially closed.

Verdict: Not happening.


Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are shopping Limas Sweed for a reason: Because they love the three receivers they currently have, and they don't want to mess with it.

Verdict: Impossible


Cleveland Browns

They desperately need explosive talent, and could even use some good experience and leadership on the offensive end.

Mike Holmgren is smarter than this. Sure, Owens still has the talent to make a moderate impact, but on a team that's trying to start over, and doesn't even have a quarterback? Think again.

Verdict: Over Holmgren's dead body


Tennessee Titans

Just how much faith do the Titans have in Justin Gage, or even Nate Washington, for that matter?

If they were talking about adding Matt Jones, this has to be at least a slight possibility.

Verdict: Possible


Indianapolis Colts

Peyton Manning loves talent, but he also knows better than to mess with success. He has three excellent receivers at his disposal, and that's not even counting Anthony Gonzalez, who missed almost the entire 2009 season.

Verdict: Not a chance


Houston Texans

They just re-signed Kevin Walter and are enamored with Jacoby Jones as a starter for the future. He's got the slot locked up for now, and the solid overall depth and talent should keep Owens at bay.

Verdict: Texans won't mess with chemistry


Jacksonville Jaguars

Hey, they signed Torry Holt, so why not Owens, right?

Well, considering they released Holt, perhaps they've finally learned their lesson. Then again, as long as Jack Del Rio is even a part of the show, anything is possible.

Verdict: Not Impossible


San Diego Chargers

After releasing LaDainian Tomlinson, it's pretty clear the Chargers are out to do two things: Save money and cut dead weight.

Owens might be a solid stop-gap and give them a quality option opposite of Vincent Jackson, but would it be worth the risk? For a team that is constantly in the running and can't get over the hump in the playoffs, perhaps it could be.

Verdict: In the name of David Boston, it's not impossible


Denver Broncos

If Josh McDaniels unloads Brandon Marshall (baby T.O.), perhaps he'll reel in the "real" T.O. for cheap, and see if he can't keep his cool for a year or two.

Verdict: Depending on what happens with Marshall, fairly possible


Oakland Raiders

Oakland used to be the place where anyone with anything close to talent could find a home. However, with the release of Javon Walker (finally), it appears the Raiders could be close to realizing some of their mistakes.

Then again, their starting lineup does consist of Darrius Heyward-Bey, Chaz Schilens, and Louis Murphy.

Verdict: With Al Davis, anything is possible


Kansas City Chiefs

Todd Haley could be tempted, as he's had a difficult time running an offense without Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald, but with the re-signing of Chris Chambers, it's unlikely the Chiefs go after another receiver outside of the NFL Draft.

Verdict: KC keeps building on what they have


New York Giants

The Giants are just getting past the Plaxico Burress mess and actually discovered some nice talent in their top three receivers last year.

They won't allow the sheer possibility of Owens messing that progress up.

Verdict: No chance


Dallas Cowboys


Verdict: Really?


Philadelphia Eagles

Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb are appearing on a television show together, and they're on the same team. Can you say foreshadowing?

Verdict: Very unlikely


Washington Redskins

Daniel Snyder has been quiet, but don't you think he has to be pulling at Mike Shanahan's sleeve to make some sort of a move?

Even "Shanny" has to respect the Skins' need for an elite receiver opposite of Santana Moss.

Verdict: Anything is possible with the Redskins


Green Bay Packers

Unless they go all "Brett Favre" on Donald Driver and trade him or cut him, they're more than set at receiver. There's just no need for a move like this.

Verdict: Ted Thompson doesn't "do" free agency, anyways


Chicago Bears

Hey, if they can't land Brandon Marshall somehow, then why not? They won't be getting a stud receiver in the draft, and Owens is now the best available option at receiver out there.

Mike Martz has to be salivating at the possibility of adding a play-maker like Owens. After adding Chester Taylor and Julius Peppers, this could be another "big splash" move that will make the Bears look better than they actually are.

Verdict: Jerry Angelo will think about it, that's for sure


Detroit Lions

They just spent some decent money on landing Nate Burleson, so with Calvin Johnson and Bryant Johnson, they suddenly have a pretty respectable corps.

Verdict: Not impossible, but unlikely


Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings don't need a potential locker room cancer, but they could arguably use another explosive weapon in their already potent offense.

Bernard Berrian fought injuries and just wasn't himself in all of 2009, but even so, this just doesn't seem very likely.

Then again, if you want Brett Favre back, this would be a fairly enticing play.

Verdict: Are they that worried Favre might hang 'em up?


Carolina Panthers

Steve Smith has been begging for help or a trade for the past three years. Muhsin Muhammad has lost it, and Matt Moore is still fairly unproven.

Adding Owens would at least shake things up a little.

Verdict: Jon Fox isn't big on taking risks


New Orleans Saints

They are stacked on offense. This would be a poor move. Sean Payton is better than that.

Verdict: Teams coming off of Super Bowl wins don't do moves like this, or do they?


Atlanta Falcons

Can you really see T.O. in black? Well, outside of Roddy White, Matt Ryan has very few elite options in the passing game, and even Tony Gonzalez is getting older.

Owens could be the offensive piece that pushes them over the hump.

Verdict: Great teams take chances, so it's possible


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If the Bucs weren't ready to sign Antonio Bryant to a big contract, it's even less likely they'll sign Owens. Besides, T.O. may be desperate for a job, but is he that desperate?

Verdict: Neither side will be particularly interested


Seattle Seahawks

T.J. Houshmandzadeh was a free agent bust, Deion Branch wants out, and Nate Burleson is in Detroit.

What are the odds that Owens and baby T.O. (Brandon Marshall ) are playing together in a suddenly unstoppable passing offense in 2010?

Verdict: Not that unlikely


San Francisco 49ers

Never though you'd see this image in your head again? Mike Singletary may be the wrong guy to pull a risky move like this, but if he's thinking about starting David Carr over Alex Smith (or even Smith...), then he's crazy enough to think about bringing back Owens.

I'm sure Owens wouldn't mind coming back, either.

Verdict: Unlikely, but the 49ers could use the offensive boost at receiver


St. Louis Rams

It's my firm belief that Terrell Owens would rather retire than join a team this bad.

Verdict: No way


Arizona Cardinals

Sure, they just lost Anquan Boldin in a trade, but it's not like they didn't see it coming (or, you know, make the trade themselves).

Owens would love to join a good offense and play along side Larry Fitzgerald, but the Cardinals have three very solid receivers other the Fitz on their roster.

Verdict: Not happening


The speculation can fully set into motion, despite the rumors already flying at full speed over all of our heads.

The fact is, if Michael Vick could get signed to a decent deal in the same offseason that he got released from prison, then Owens, too, will find a home.

Besides, he stayed on his best behavior in Buffalo, and considering his supporting cast, he actually did okay.


For NFL Free Agency news and coverage of the NFL Draft, head over to NFL Soup.


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