Kimbo Slice Is Better Than All UFC Champs, As Proven By MMA Math

brian blauContributor IMarch 5, 2010

If you've spent any amount of time cruising around MMA discussion boards, you have undoubtedly come across some form of MMA math.


You know the drill: fighter A beat fighter B and fighter B beat fighter C, therefore if fighter A ever fought fighter C, fighter A would win.


Like they say, the math never lies, and neither does MMA math.


It is one of the great forms of reasoning that, for some reason, only 13-year-olds and those older with the mind frame of a 13-year-old can comprehend. It truly is a sad thing that the general populous of MMA fans can't get their heads around it.


It's time everyone starts paying attention to the math because it makes choosing fights so much easier and can help you make a lot of money on some bets.


And now, to prove my point, let's look at one of the elite, unsung heroes of the UFC heavyweight division, none other than the man himself: Kimbo Slice.


I've broken down the math for you all. Just try and find a flaw in my equations, but be warned the math is pretty concrete.



Kimbo>Ray Mercer>Tim Sylvia>Andrei Arlovski>Pe de Pano>Frank Mir>Brock Lesnar


Kimbo>Tank Abbott>James Thompson>Hidehiko Yoshida>Maurice Smith>Mark Coleman>Shogun Rua who kinda sorta beat Lyoto Machida


Kimbo>Tank Abbott>James Thompson>Hidehiko Yoshida>Mark Hunt>Wanderlei Silva>Dan Henderson>Ryo Chonan>Anderson Silva


Kimbo>Houston Alexander>Alessio Sakara>Thales Leites>Pete Sell>Phil Baroni>Dave Menne>Dennis Hallman>Matt Hughes>Georges St Pierre


Kimbo>Houston Alexander>Keith Jardine>Forrest Griffin>Tito Ortiz>Patrick Cote>Ricardo Almeida>Ryo Chonan>Mach Sakurai>Jens Pulver>BJ Penn



So, there you have it.


Kimbo Slice is the greatest mixed martial artist on the planet.


It's time we stop with all this Fedor, GSP, and Anderson Silva madness, because they can't hold a candle to my boy Ferg. (God, I hope no one brings up Seth Petruzelli.)


And if you think I'm a complete idiot (which is probably the case), and want some real MMA talk, check out my other article .