Worst Football Calls In The Past Decade

Shaun OkeyContributor IFebruary 8, 2010

EUGENE, OR - SEPTEMBER 16:   Head Coach Bob Stoops of the Oklahoma Sooners yells against the Oregon Ducks on September 16, 2006 at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon.  (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)
Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

The Worst Football Calls in Recent History. This is another one of my sportingnews blog entries, lets see what you guys think.

5. Temple vs Uconn 2007- Temple was kicked out of the Big East. This game was played in Connecticut with Big East Refs doing the game. Temple won the game with a last second TD pass with the receivers left foot clearly inbounds. But the Big East can not be embarrassed by losing to a team that they kicked out. So the refs disregarded the call and Uconn stole the game. Big East Refs also you will see are terrible later in this blog but as well as the Wvu Pitt game in 2007. But that game they did not decide the outcome like they did here.

4. Louisville vs Uconn 2007- Louisville is the latest victim of Big East Refs. Uconn get 7 points because of another blown call when a Uconn player was about to return a punt, he waived up his right hand to signal fair catch. Well then afterwards he proceeds to run after the Louiville special teams had stopped, all the way for a TD. Unbelievable that they did not stop the play. Boo Big East Refs!

3. Oregon vs Oklahoma 2006- Oklahoma pretty much got screwed while playing at Oregon. Late in the game Oregon tried an onside, but an Oregon player had touched the ball before 10 yards. Then RB Allen Patrick from Oklahoma recovers the ball, handing it to the ref, Well the Pac 10 ref didnt see it that way and the refs ruled that Oregon had possession. This is a disgrace to the game. And they also didnt see that the ball was tipped later in the drive and made a horrific pass interference call giving Oregon the game. 2 game changing calls makes this #3 on the list. Here is the onside kick.

2. Indianapolis Colts vs Pittsburgh Steelers 2005- With Pittsburgh putting the game away with a Troy Polamalu interception Tony Dungy had to throw the flag and hope for a miracle. With everyone in the stadium and watching at home that Pittsburgh just won the game, the ref decided to overturn an obvious interception after the replay. At this point I was convinced he tried to cheat Pittsburgh. I am not a Steelers fan but after that I began rooting hard for them. Earlier in the game the Colts D-line jumped offsides on 4th down but there was no penalty after the refs stopped the game. But they won the game. Still, that was unacceptable. Couldnt find a pic.

1. Oakland vs New England 2001- Oakland was going to the AFC title game if the "tuck" rule was not in play. But even still he did not tuck the ball. Charles Woodson sacked him and he fumbled, and everyone knows it. They went on to win the Superbowl and become a dynasty. But all of this may not have happend if the call wasn't reversed. Bad Call, you can not make the call at that point in that big of a game.