DRAFT 2010 Can We Learn From The Past?

kevin lurkerContributor IJanuary 23, 2010

 When you have a 1st round draft pick You must be sure you come out w/an impact player who will produce in 2yrs if not immediately. We all know that!! and how missing on that pick affects your team personnel and your cash flow.

 Let me begin disscussions here with the past. Im sorry, however it gives us a base to work with. It speaks for itself. Please feel free to add or correct me here. This is done looking at a Raiders team that has repeatedly had problems stopping the run and scoring points.

 2007 Draft- We took JaMarcus Russell and passed on:

 WR-Calvin Johnson/ OT-Joe Thomas/ ILB-Patrick Willis

 2008 Draft- We took Darren McFadden and passed on:

 DT-Glenn Dorsey/ DE-Vernon Gholston/ DT-Sedrick Ellis/ OLB-Keith Rivers/ ILB-Jerod Mayo/ OT-Ryan Clady/ OT-Jeff Otah

 2009 Draft- We took Darrius Heyward-Bey(Oh boy!) and passed on:

 OT-Eugene Monroe/ DT-B.J.Raji(wow!)/ WR-Michael Crabtree/ DE-Brian Orakpo/ OLB-Brian Cushing/ WR-Percy Harvin(again wow!)/ OT-Michael Oher/ OLB-Clay Mathews(not again!)/ WR-Hakeem Nicks/ WR-Kennt Britt

 Then in the 2nd round we passed on: DT-Ron Brace/OT-Phil Loadholt/ WR-Austin Collie.....but we did reach for a promising SS-Mike Mitchell

 Ahhh..O.K. then, as my friend Damali say's...What does this analysis tell us? To be polite, we could do alot better, or to not be polite, we could get our/his head out of his ass and wake up to his poor judgements. However I digress.

 If the Raiders stay w/ the 8th pick this year, it's almost universally agreed these player's will not be available by the time we pick.

DT-Ndamukong Suh/ DT-Gerald McCoy/ OT-Russell Okung...and someone will take a QB

 So a list of players on the board will look something like this:

 DT-Brian Price/ Terrance Cody/ Dan Williams

 OT-Trent Williams/ Anthony Davis/ Bruce Campbell

 DE-Derrick Morgan/ Jason Pierre-Paul/ Carlos Dunlap

 LB-Ronaldo McClain/ Brandon Spikes/ Sergio Kindle

 G-Mike Iupati

 WR-Dez Bryant

 CB-Joe Haden

 I am intentionally putting names that will be rated much below a value at #8..cause I just dont care what the perceived value is as much as in a year or 2 how valuable will they make up my team personnel. If a trade down is available will it pay-off if I come away with player's that can improve my team and maybe I overpay a bit for one, however if I get quality, I Win in the end...right?

 Raiders needs are Off and Def Line improvement, and scoring points...that's no mystery

 Who would YOU take and why? How would that affect the player's you already have and who could you let go of? How would this make your team look in 2 years?

 You see how the past years look and you know what we have now and what we still dont have. Educate me with your knowledge brother's!!!!! Batter UP!!!