What Is Going On In College Football?

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What Is Going On In College Football?
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What Is Going On In College Football?

It's amazing how quickly the college football landscape has changed since the end of the regular season. There will be 21 new coaches in what was formerly DIV 1 football. It started with Bryan Kelly deciding that his undefeated season at Cinncy wasn't important enough to stay and see it through. Then we had the ESPN vs Mike Leach debacle, which turned Texas Tech fans against their own administration. We then watched as University of Kansas Coach Mangino had to part ways because he didn't understand how to treat his players with respect. You think to yourself "this must be it" not so fast. Urban Meyer shocks the world with his out of the blue semi retirement, but it doesn't stop there, Leavitt out at South Florida, abusing a player.Then comes the Whopper, Pete Carrol decides that Troy is burning and wants to find the exit. He sees the light and runs to Seattle for a shot at the NFL. We think USC is going down in flames, recruits are leaving, and we get hit again in the head with a zinger. Lane "the hostess with the mostess" Kiffin bolts for Troy. Well, he didn't bolt because the UT fans wanted to give him a proper send off Southern Style. Low and behold here we are today, waiting to see what will happen next. Who leaves their team next, to head to Rocky Top. The best we can do as football fans is heat up some popcorn and watch the action. I believe this could give Avatar a run for it's money. The sad part is that all the families this ends up affecting. These kids,and sometimes the parents,choose these schools because the coach tells them everything they want to hear. I believe this is a sad state of affairs for college football. It has become about money and not about loyalty or for that matter integrity. Most of these coaches have become all about the money and aren't too concerned how their decisions can affect a young man's life. Especially the same young man he promised the world to. I am saddened to see that college football has slowly become more like the NFL than ever. I miss the loyalty to school and to your players. We see today it's all about the money and the prestige. We lost arguably one of the great ambassadors of college football in Bobby Bowden, due to the greed and need to win now. The guy built Florida State from nothing and made it one of the most consistent winners in this era. I don't know about you but being in the Big Ten right now is a good place to be.Ohio State has about as much stability as you could want, in a coach, and a program. Hopefully the rest of the college world will wake up and put an end to these coaches leaving behind a trail of tears.

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