Bleacher Report Milestone 20,000 Reads for Greg Caggiano

Greg CaggianoSenior Writer IJune 21, 2008

Since the first article had a problem and didn't publish correctly, I'll give it another go here:

In the footsteps of other Bleacher Report writers, I have decided that since 20,000 article reads is a pretty big number, I would write another article recapping all that I have done in my first two months here.

The first article I ever wrote dealt with the New York Rangers' playoff push and it detailed the possible opponents in the second round for them. From there I wrote several articles about the San Francisco Giants, mainly poking fun at Barry Zito and company. It was shortly after that I found my niche with the NHL Community.

I published many articles, mostly those making fun of Gary Bettman in one way or another and passionately covered the Rangers' playoff run on a game by game basis. It was when the offseason doldrums started that things would start to get interesting for me.

First, I created the Official Chat Room for Bleacher Report. We're still trying to get it off the ground and with your help, we will!

Then I wrote the best article of my short career titled, "You Knew You're Obsessed with Hockey When..." and it listed thirty six warning signs that you may have a severe hockey obsession. It garnered 34 comments, 8000 reads, and 8 pick of the day votes before winning article of the day for June 10.

In a follow up article called "The Sequel!" it received less comments and reads but got even more votes then the previous one but it didn't win article of the day. Even though I try very hard, it will personally be a tough pair to top.

From there, I gained several fans and some real nice comments from people around BR. With that motivation started a ten-part series listing the top-ten most important people in New York Rangers' history. It has gone over rather well and I have started another series that "Turns Back the Clock" and focuses on defunct hockey franchises. That series is still in progress.

In just under two months I've had 20,030 article reads, received 227 comments, posted 196 comments, and have earned 19 pick of the day votes while winning one article of the day.

I'm also proud to have twelve fans and be the community leader and number-one writer for the New York Rangers. (If anyone has any questions before publishing an article, don't hesitate to ask! It's in my job description.)

If I had to sum up my time here in just one word, it would be fun. I enjoy writing and seeing people's responses, positive for the most part, and I am really excited for the future and what enjoyment it holds.

I'm so glad I found Bleacher Report and I'm thankful for all the positive feedback I have received. And before I publish each article, I remember an old saying that frontiersman Davy Crockett once said. "Be sure you're right, then go ahead."

Well, I was sure I was right, and I went ahead and will keep on going until my fingers can no longer type.


Greg Caggiano


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