It Is Time For Charlie Frye To Get The Nod!

Randy LavelleCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO - AUGUST 22:  Oakland Raiders quarterback Charlie Frye #3 dives into the end zone for a touch down as San Francisco 49ers safety Reggie Smith tries to take him down as the San Francisco 49ers host the Oakland Raiders at Candlestick Park August 22, 2009 in San Francisco, California.  (Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images)
David Paul Morris/Getty Images

 wrote an article on Charlie frye on November 18th when we all realized JaMarcus was first getting benched.It was stated that Bruce Gradkowski had a minor hamstring pull and might not be able to go.So I wrote the article stating that Frye should start.

Bruce went on to have three competitive games against three good teams,Cincinatti Bengals,Dallas Cowboys,and the Pittsburgh Steelers with Bruce winning 2 out 3 of these games.

Bruce ended up getting hurt at the end of the 2nd half after already playing with a bad hamstring in one of his knees,now he has 2.

Bruce was able to breath new life into a team that has been struggling all year with JaMarcus under center.

He has shown Toughness,Leadership,and a Spirit this team (and the Raider Nation)hasn't seen for some time.

The Raider Nation and me are both very disappointed that Bruce's season is over.All we can hope for now is that Al Davis signs this guy to a long term contract for next season and into the future.

Now comes the question as to who starts against Denver?A team fighting for a playoff spot and team who just lost there leader and have nothing to lose.

Do we continue to see if  JaMarcus is our future or do we see if we can find another diamond in the rough by giving Charlie Frye a chance?

One thing is for sure,Cables decision is not all his.Al Davis will make the call.If Al does decide to start JaMarcus,I'm sure you will see a Raider Nation explode!

Everyone could clearly see air deflate out of the Raiders tires when Russell came in.The Offensive line gave up,the defense gave up,and the Raider nation gave up.The only ones that didn't was the receivers and JaMarcus.

JaMarcus brought a lot of the adversity upon himself when was drafted by the Raiders and held out his first year.If he wasn't about money,he would have studied the playbook during his hold out for when he was finally signed.He didn't.

During his time in Oakland,He has showcased himself as a "It's about me" type person with post game interview in mink coats," Hollywood" sunglasses,and big bling diamond ear rings and necklaces.

He has thrown blame around to other teammates for excuses for losses.Only a couple of times(including his last interview),has he put responsiblity upon himself saying "Maybe there was something I could have done differently" all the while looking across his own locker room.

I,as a dedicated Raider fan,has always wanted JaMarcus to succeed and be the Qaurterback we all thought he could be,but he is in one heck of a hole that will be nearly impossible to climb out.

JaMarcus has lost his grand mother who raised him to be the man he is today.He has lost his uncle who was told by his grandma to look after JaMarcus before she died.

JaMarcus now has the raider nation against him,because he can't get it done.He said he was ready for this last game as a back-up,but I'm not convinced.

Bruce Gradkowski and Charlie Frye have been where JaMarcus is now.They both have been benched,cut,and put in back up roles preying for there chance to shine again and prove they are a competitive NFL Qaurterback.

Maybe that's all JaMarcus needs is a change of scenery?Maybe he needs a little grounding.He was stated he was "embarrassed" by being benched.If he does start,he might want to take out his lineman for a steak diner and gaining the respect back that he lost with his finger pointing.It worked for Bruce.

I myself,think it's time to give Charlie Frye the nod,because he's been there and done that.