Breaking News: WWE's ECW Brand Set to Die in 2010

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIDecember 2, 2009

In a very sad story, it is being reported that WWE's ECW Brand will most likely end in early 2010. The WWE has been meeting with the SyFy Network the past few days about re-branding the show.

Both the WWE and SyFy are in agreement that WWE’s ECW has been a bust and plans are already being made for a new weekly series. Several ideas have been tossed around including a magazine-style recap show.

However, as of now it appears that WWE wants to make the new Tuesday night brand a “WWE Minor League” and feature young up-and-coming stars.

This most likely means that the big name stars on the brand or people good enough to leave will move to RAW or SmackDown at some point in 2010, even before the annual WWE Draft.

ECW has been in the WWE for about four years now as it launched early 2006, the WWE saw the amazing success of the One Night Stand PPV and the "Rise and Fall of ECW" DVD and decided to make it a new brand. When we first saw it in the WWE, the normal ECW rules were around and the brand was doing well.

The WWE put ECW originals such as RVD, Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, and Sabu on the brand to give the fans some of the same faces they loved. Then we saw the addition of Kurt Angle and Big Show which also helped get attention to the brand.

It was doing very well, and then all the sudden we start seeing the WWE take it over and put their style in it. ECW of old was gone and we see what we do today. If we were seeing the same ECW show that we once loved, then of course the brand would get higher ratings.

It is the WWE that killed it off, simply because they knew the show would be bigger than either RAW or SmackDown if the hardcore action was around under the WWE Banner.

The ECW letters will disappear, and no one is clear on what the new name. Some are thinking because it could be a minor league, that FCW will be the new name seeing as that is the WWE's developmental brand.

It is clear to me that if they make the new brand a minor league, we will see a lot of the FCW youngsters come up to WWE TV pretty fast.

I don't know what they would name it, but that would be my only guess as of now, if you have one then by all means leave a comment below telling me what you would name the new brand.

ECW will be hard to not see anymore, but it is clear that the ECW of old has been dead and gone for a while now. I feel bad that ECW died, but it is not surprising the WWE basically killed it off for good.

I think that the new minor league show sounds cool, as we will see a lot of new stars. It is the reason I, along with many others watch ECW anyway, so why not?

If they are not going to give us the ECW we once loved, and basically make their own brand out of them, then changing the name in the end has no effect on me.

One thing that will be something to wonder about will be the ratings. ECW currently has some draws in Shelton Benjamin, Yoshi Tatsu, Christian, and a few others. If those people are gone, then really who is going to be their top guy?

I would think the WWE would have guest stars from RAW and/or SmackDown come on the show, seeing as ECW tapes with SmackDown a lot, we could see more SmackDown stars there than RAW.

I personally do not want to see another Superstars show, as I feel it has no substance, the new brand with the people no one has really heard of would be interesting, simply because we will see people that we never have before.

People from FCW such as Justin Angel and Kris Logan are very interesting guys, who could be huge for the WWE. Giving them some limelight on TV would do wonders for them.

People like seeing new stars, especially if they are good, so the new show will have views. But of course, since they are new, you'd have to watch the show to be a fan of anyone on there, or know them from seeing them in another promotion or something.

If people don't have a fav on the show regularly, such as Benjamin or Christian, will they watch anyway? It is something the WWE needs to think about. But like I said, seeing guest stars every week would most likely help that out.

Also, how would the minor leagues work? If they suddenly get popular will they be put on RAW or SmackDown? Or will they have to be there for a certain amount of time?

The WWE has made loopholes before, such as putting Sheamus on RAW out of nowhere. So that could be possible.

The weekly recap show seems to be a dumb idea, seeing as we see enough recap on and the other two brands. So the minor leagues seem to be the big idea as of now.

The ECW letters may be gone soon, but many fans will remember the once great promotion. WWE can't stop them from that, I'm just saying.