Forget His Hands—Roy Williams' Heart Called into Question

Phil BrennanCorrespondent INovember 24, 2009

ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 22:  Wide receiver Roy Williams #11 of the Dallas Cowboys drops a pass in front of LaRon Landry #30 of the Washington Redskins at Cowboys Stadium on November 22, 2009 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

If you were to unfurl the scroll of criticisms directed towards Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams, you would end up with a list longer than Schindler's.

He's lazy; he's slow; he doesn't run routes well; he's got big clown feet; et cetera.

You name it, and it's probably been said about the beleaguered receiver at some point.

Media talking heads and fans have a habit of turning pimples into boils.

However, the latest accusation is perhaps the most disturbing, if for no other reason the fact it came from one of Williams' NFL peers.

If you haven't heard already, Redskins safety LaRon Landry unequivocally called into question Williams' heart.

Landry had some candid thoughts regarding Williams as relayed by Matt Terl, writer for the Redskins' official blog, while discussing with Landry his effect on Williams after the Redskins’ 7-6 loss to the rival Cowboys.

"Scared," Landry plainly described Williams' play.

"Yeah, I know he was. Y'all can quote it, too. Y'all can tell him right now, tell him I'm saying it. I can say it right now: Yeah, he was scared, I think. I told him he was scared."

When Terl asked Landry what Williams said in response to his on-the-field bantering, "Nothing," said Landry.

Landry went on to discuss specifics as to why he felt Williams was playing scared.

"Certain pass concepts they had, [...] certain routes he ran, you could tell he didn't want any part of it."

Upon first blush, this seems like a pretty damning criticism being leveled at Williams.

You can be a lot of things in the testosterone-fueled game of football, but you can't be a heartless wimp.

Furthermore, when you have a fellow peer calling you into question, it stings just a bit more.

However, with a little perspective and source consideration, one realizes it's probably much to do about nothing.

First off, I'm certainly no Roy Williams apologist, but I'm a wee bit sympathetic toward a receiver on the mend from three cracked ribs who demonstrates a slight reluctance in throwing his hands over his head with 215 lbs. of muscled aggression coming his way.

Just a little bit.

Those who have experienced broken ribs will tell you that it's a debilitating injury. It hurts to breathe, twist, or stretch, let alone jog or full-out sprint. 

Secondly, a defensive back calling out a wide receiver is nothing new. This has been going on since the forward pass was legalized in the league in 1933.

As to Williams' supposed silent reaction after Landry's taunts—that's just junior high level psychoanalysis.

Since Landry took some liberty in doing so, allow me to do some of my own.

Considering some of the factors noted above, not to mention the fact the Redskins had just lost a tough game, it's understandable how a known hothead such as Landry would lash out, feeling like they lost but didn't really get beat by Dallas.

It sounds to me like Landry just found some personal solace in muzzling one of the Cowboys' offensive weapons.

Conversely, it could all be true. Maybe Williams is a wuss. Maybe he did get punked on the field.

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt though. At least until further proof is provided.

This really seems to be much ado about nothing. 

More than likely it's just a talented yet emotionally wounded safety venting after a tough divisional loss.


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